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DIY Flower Basket for Your Wedding

by Emma Arendoski

Today you’ll learn how to make a flower basket for your wedding! Who loves easy DIY projects? (Raises hand.) I know I do, and you probably don’t like complicated projects that stress you out. That’s why we love the awesome wedding tutorials from our friends at Blooms by the Box. Danielle is a DIY expert and she comes up with creative tutorial ideas for wedding details you can make yourself — easily and with simple-to-source supplies. Today we’re sharing her latest creation: the flower basket.

You can make this DIY flower basket in an afternoon, just in time for your wedding. The fresh flowers used in the example look gorgeous any time of year; however, I know you guys love custom touches so feel free to swap out any flowers for your own tailored looks (i.e. to coordinate with your upcoming fall or winter wedding). There are many fresh (wholesale!) blooms to inspire you in their shop.

Anyway, I know you’re excited to get started so enough from me. Take it away, Danielle!

Flower Basket

Before you get started, gather up the following supplies.


How to Make a Flower Basket

Follow these seven easy steps to make a flower basket of your own.

1. Soak a caged floral foam brick in water until it sinks, this will ensure it has absorbed enough water to keep your flowers hydrated.

flower basket

2. Line the basket with a plastic bag and place the soaked floral foam in the back, this will ensure it doesn’t drip through the basket.

flower basket

3. Use floral tape to create a grid over the top of the basket, this will help keep your flowers in place. Trim any excess tape from the edge of the basket for a clean look.

flower basket diy tutorial

4. Trim all of the flowers and greens down to 2-inch stems so they fit neatly in the basket.

flower basket diy tutorial

5. Place a stem of Rose Ghobi Peach toward the front of the basket, surround it with the two other rose colors and work outwards.

flower basket diy tutorial

6. Place a stem of Limonium in between the roses to break them up; do the same with a stem of Plumosus Fern for more texture.

flower basket

7. Fill in any gaps with the Garden Spray Roses and continue filling the basket with all of the above flowers until the basket is full.

flower basket

flower basket

flower basket

flower basket


flower basket

flower basket

Make a Flower Basket

Ready to get started? Grab our supply list above and grab everything you need hereto start crafting. And while you’re at it, check out their exceptional collection of flowers… they have everything you need at wholesale prices for centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, decorations, etc.

Happy Planning!


P.S. Have any questions on this flower basket? Ask away! Simply post in the comment box below. ↓

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