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How to Protect Your Wedding Ring

by Emma Arendoski

Are you wondering how to insure a wedding ring or engagement ring? You’ve come to the right place! Protecting your most precious jewelry is one of the first things to do after getting engaged. What if you lose your ring, it is stolen, or it gets damaged? You can avoid the cost and heartache of a lost or stolen ring by insuring it. Today we’ll tell you how to insure a wedding ring, where to find insurance coverage, and what you should know about jewelry insurance so you can start protecting your ring today.

How to Insure a Wedding Ring

The first step in ring insurance is finding the best insurance company.
Find a Reputable Company

We’ve reviewed a handful of jewelry insurance companies but the best we have found is definitely Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. It was founded in 1913 to insure jewelry stores and 50 years later it started insuring individual’s jewelry. Today insuring jewelry is still their focus and specialty. Jewelers Mutual® offers incredibly comprehensive coverage and their website is so straightforward and easy-to-use.

What Kind of Coverage to Look For

A solid jewelry insurer — like Jewelers Mutual — will cover perils that happen in real life. This means when you insure engagement rings (or other jewelry) you’re protected against things like loss, theft, damage, or even mysterious disappearance (when you simply can’t identify what happen to it – but you know it’s gone).

how to insure a wedding ring

Insurance That Goes With You
Besides having peace of mind for the day to day wear, you’ll also be relieved to know Jewelers Mutual Insurance travels with you worldwide. As stated on their website: “Whether you travel to another state or another country, you’re still covered just like you are at home.”

Good As New

It is also important to note that if you need your ring repaired or replaced, you can expect to get back an item of the same kind and quality as the original. This is key when you have name-brand jewelry. And this is one of the aspects that makes a company like Jewelers Mutual so special. They KNOW jewelry – because they’ve spent 100+ years learning about the nuances of every cut, color, and brand.

Get a Quote

If you’re curious as to how much insurance can cost, satisfy that curiosity! Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company makes it easy to get a quote online. With a few simple questions — in under a minute! — you will get a quote with different options for deductibles.

(Questions on deductibles and insurance jargon? Check out their handy FAQ section.)

Get Covered
Next, you’ll want to get coverage. Applying for coverage is easy with Jewelers Mutual. A little information is all they need about yourself, your lifestyle, and your jewelry. In most cases, your coverage can begin immediately!
Wear Your Jewelry
After you’re covered, that’s it! Go out, live your life, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with wearing your most precious jewelry close to your heart — without worrying about something happening to it. If something does happen, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company will work with your jeweler to repair or replace your ring, depending on your individual situation.
Ready to insure your ring? Click here to get a quote. And then breathe easy — it’s taken care of! One less thing to worry about. :)
Happy Planning!


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Jewelers Mutual.

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