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Real Proposal: Watch This Incredible Engagement (VIDEO)

by Emma Arendoski
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We’ve teamed up with Simply Stylist and Dove to share this sweet engagement video! Wait until you see the proposal! I’ll also share some of my own favorite wedding moments and how these sweat-worthy moments are some of the most amazing in life! Be sure to subscribe for future posts so you stay in the loop!

You may already be familiar with Dove as one of the leading brands on the market. If you haven’t given it a try yourself, I urge you to. I use it myself and keep buying it because of how it keeps me fresh and dry, better than any other deodorant. Plus, no other brand has made my skin feel so soft (and smell so great). Dove recently launched a campaign about how the moments that make you sweat in life are the most amazing. And shouldn’t you feel confident during these exciting moments, like your proposal/engagement moment, finding the perfect dress, awaiting the first look, walking down the aisle, and nailing the first dance? We think so… and Louisa does, too! That’s why she put her Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant to the test while proposing to her boyfriend, Rob. Wait until you see the video…

Engagement Video: Louisa + Rob

Louisa and Rob’s engagement video tells their unique love story and has warmed the hearts many viewers worldwide. Watch it here.

Proposals are some of the most amazing moments in a woman’s life. Louisa must have been nervous popping the question, but she did it flawlessly — and with so much confidence!

My Own Amazing Moments

In my own experience, I remember the excitement of our proposal and wedding day. For our proposal, I had no idea it was about to happen. I do remember holding hands with him and feeling sweaty palms once I realized what was happening. It was such an exciting night — the big moment! With an excited “yes!” we were ready to start planning our lives together. On the wedding day itself, I remember the excitement of getting ready with my bridesmaids, hoping my hair and makeup looked perfect. I remember putting on my gown, smoothing out my veil, and hearing that my groom had arrived at the church — the ceremony is almost here! I remember chatting with my dad at the back of the church while watching guests arrive. The walk down the aisle with my dad; seeing my groom at the other side, wondering what he was thinking. Was he nervous? What would he think of how I looked? I remember reciting our vows, excitedly exchanging rings, and breathing a sigh of relief. I’d never felt so sure about anything in my life. After the ceremony was over, I felt pure and utter joy; any nervousness had vanished away and I was ready to celebrate with my husband! My wedding day and the months leading up to it are some of the most exciting moments of my life. And then my two sons were born and I see now that these amazing moments just keep getting better and better.

Aww, here’s us after the ceremony!

Emma & Andrew, wedding day! | via EmmalineBride.com

The big day came and went in a blur (it sure goes by fast!); but these moments will last a lifetime. It is true: the moments that make you sweat are the most amazing of them all! Thanks to Dove, you can prepare to feel fresh and confident during these moments with Dove Clinical Protection. It offers undeniable wetness protection and has ¼ moisturizers to care for skin. You can see the film again and find out more about Dove on their website.

dove clinical

visit dove for more about their product line

Happy Planning! Here’s to not sweating it!


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