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Cheap Wedding Favors (Under 50 Cents!)

by Emma Arendoski
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Hi, lovelies! Today we’re talking about cheap wedding favors and how to make some that your guests will absolutely love. But first of all, weddings are expensive, am I right? It seems like there is another cost at every turn and your budget can feel stretched thin while your day-of essentials continue to add up. One of the big ticket items that can add up quickly is wedding favors and since you want to give the best to guests, and favors are a must-have, it can be difficult to know where to begin. And that’s why we’re here to help!

Cheap Wedding Favors

The cost of wedding favors can really add up; due to favors being a must-have item, it is probably an item you’ll need to budget for accordingly. For example, giving one favor per guest (averaging about $2-$3 each) for a hundred guests will cost you at least $200 to $300, not including shipping, taxes, and assembly. That’s a big chunk of your budget, particularly when the favors aren’t memorable (or worse, non-functional). As a result of the need for quality yet cheap wedding favors for couples to give to guests, we’ve done some digging and we’ve found affordable favors you can assemble yourself UNDER 50 cents each with free shipping.

In addition to these wedding favors being inexpensive, most noteworthy is how stylish and functional they are! These cheap wedding favors will save you even more money if you utilize them as favors and place cards or escort cards. Don’t you just love when wedding details can do double-duty? Us too! Let’s get started!

Inexpensive Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Skeleton key bottle opener favors are inexpensive, functional, and easy to assemble at home. As a top rated DIY favor on Amazon (over 600 positive reviews), this is the real deal. I loathe finding a great deal online only to discover the product is cheap looking or not as promised in the description. These cheap wedding favors aren’t cheap looking or feeling at all. These bottle openers offer a rich vintage look and deep bronze color finish. Furthermore, these keys offer a slightly heavier feel that the cheap knock-offs and provide utility value: yes, they ACTUALLY work as bottle openers!

cheap wedding favors

cheap wedding favors via here

After the wedding, guests can add a small magnet to the back of the key and store conveniently on their refrigerator, place it in a drawer, or add it to a key ring to carry around on a set of keys.

cheap wedding favors

cheap wedding favors via here

The wedding favors arrive to your doorstep (no in-store shopping required!) with everything you need to assemble them. Here is what you’ll find in your wedding favor package.

What’s Included in Your Favors

o 50 vintage key bottle openers
o 50 kraft tags with pre-cut holes
o roll of burlap twine

You’ll also need…

o Scissors

o Permanent marker (I recommend this fine-point marker: it’s easy to write with! In addition, this marker does not bleed through and won’t fade or smear)

Another way to personalize your tags is with the use of a stamp or sticker.

o Thank You stamp (like this) and an ink pad

cheap wedding favors

cheap wedding favors via here

And you can alternatively use these thank you stickers instead of a marker or stamp. Here is an example of thank you favor stickers you can get customized with your names and wedding date.

cheap wedding favors

cheap wedding favors via here

Now that you know what you need, here’s how to put together these cute + cheap wedding favors!


Once your package arrives, here’s all you need to do to put them together.

1. Customize your tags.

Write “thank you” on each tag with your marker, use the stamp and ink pad, or place a sticker on each tag, depending on which method you choose.

Write “Thank You” on each of your tags or, for less hand-cramps, simply use a stamp like this or a sticker to make the process less time-consuming.

2. Cut the twine.

Cut each piece to ensure it is long enough to string through a skeleton key and tag and tie in a knot.

3. Tie a knot or bow.

And that’s it! Place one skeleton key bottle opener favor at each place setting at your reception for guests to take home.

cheap wedding favors

cheap wedding favors via here

cheap wedding favors

cheap wedding favors via here

Wedding Favors + Escort Cards In One

In addition to wedding favors, you can also use these cheap wedding favors as place cards or escort cards. To do so, simply skip writing “thank you” and use the space to write the guest’s name (and table number if using as escort cards).

cheap wedding favors

cheap wedding favors via here

cheap wedding favors

cheap wedding favors via here

Where to Buy These Cheap Wedding Favors

And there you have it! In conclusion, these are the best cheap wedding favors we’ve seen yet for affordability and functionality. They look great, are useful to guests, and cost barely anything — under 50 cents each is quite a bargain. Buy yours here.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be sharing other cheap wedding favors to inspire you, due to many requests in our wedding advice inbox. Be sure to subscribe for free here to receive the latest to your inbox so you don’t miss it. You can also browse our HUGE list of wedding favors: 50 Best Wedding Favors (Under $5) for immediate inspiration.


What do you think of these affordable favors? It seems like couples are really loving these functional wedding favor ideas. Do you like these in particular? If not, what type of wedding favors are you planning to use, and what is your budget? Are you planning to spend the same amount, less, or more? Tell us in the comment box below so we can discuss!

Finally, if you have any questions, submit it here and we’ll swoop in to help for FREE! That’s what we’re here for! :)

Happy Planning!


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