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What to Put in Wedding Favor Boxes

by Emma Arendoski

Today we’re talking about favors: specifically, what to put in wedding favor boxes! Suppose you found the cutest boxes on the planet, but you don’t have a clue what to put in them. We’re here to help! Our latest Ask Emmaline question comes to us from Sara. She tells us that as she and fiance Evan began planning their wedding, they made a super-tight budget (and have stuck to it so far); however, they knew favors would be one large expense. When Sara found an amazing deal on favor boxes, she snapped them up — but now she wants to know what to put inside. She writes,

Emmaline! I need help. My fiance Evan and I are making our wedding favors and we found boxes at a great deal. We’re trying to stay on budget and need ideas for inexpensive favor options. What do people typically put inside favor boxes for weddings? Thanks!

What to Put in Wedding Favor Boxes

Great question! Thanks for writing, Sara. I’ve done that before, myself — snapped up something great because it was an awesome deal and then thought, oh no, what do I do with it now? But fear not — there are tons of great ideas for what to put in wedding favor boxes and we’re here to help. These ideas are also pretty inexpensive, too, especially when you buy in bulk. Here are some of our tried-and-true suggestions for favor fillers!

What to Put in Favor Boxes

Before we get started on fillers, if readers are wondering what favor boxes look like, we’re sharing a few examples from ConfettiMommaParty. These favor boxes are small in size (which means less cost for you, on box and filler!) but big in quality. Each box is customized and can be coordinated to match your wedding theme and color palette. Take a look!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

buy here

Aren’t they beautiful? You can see more here.

Our favorite ideas for favor box fillers include:

1. M&Ms

Who doesn’t love M&Ms? I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like them and enjoy them by the handfuls. And for summer weddings, these candy-coated chocolate candies won’t melt. You can get creative with custom M&Ms by picking your wedding colors and even having your initials and photo imprinted on them.

what to put in wedding favor boxes

by my m&ms

You can save 10% Off Orders $50+. Want to buy just regular M&Ms, no personalization? No problem — just buy any color M&Ms in bulk here to save money.

2. Jordan Almonds

Jordan almonds are the most popular (and perhaps most traditional) answer to what to put in wedding favor boxes. Based on tradition, you typically place five Jordan almonds inside each favor box to represent wishes for the couple in health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life.

what to put in wedding favor boxes

by hoosier farms

customized wine glasses

Jordan almonds are lightly roasted almonds with a white candy coating. They’re delicious. And super inexpensive. You can buy a HUGE bag of them for cheap here.

3. Hershey Kisses

Simple. Sweet. Affordable! Hershey kisses are an easy candy to put in favor boxes and almost everyone loves chocolate! Buy Hershey kisses in bulk to keep costs down. Note: don’t use these if you’re having an outdoor wedding or you’ll have a melty mess.

4. Nuts / Trail Mix


You can buy huge bulk bags of trail mix or nuts here to put in favor boxes. I love trail mix, you know, because it’s so healthy (or so they say, but I’m always digging through the bag to pull out the M&Ms. I know I’m not alone on this.) This is my favorite trail mix from Costco.

5. Taffy

Saltwater taffy is another great favor filler. It’s worry-free for spring or summer weddings, as it won’t melt and each piece is individually wrapped. Buy a huge bag of saltwater taffy in a flavor that coordinates with your wedding color palette. This mix in bulk is also delicious!

what to put in wedding favor boxes

by taffy town

6. Macarons

As you can see in the boxes above, macarons always look amazing inside a favor box! These are super-stylish and look delicious! By ElleMercedmacarons.

via here

7. Truffles

Ah, another chocolate I cannot resist: truffles! These are pre-wrapped and available in many flavors. By Lindt.

buy here

8. Mints

After dinner mints (the pastel kind) are a great choice because they’re small so they fit in nearly any favor box. They’re also appreciated by guests (who doesn’t love a mint after dinner?) I love these mints but these are my all-time favorite (though the chocolate will, again, pose a problem if your wedding is in the summer outdoors). I’ve seen lots of couples opt for these mints, too. They’re all delish!

Hope it helps!

Now tell us: did this help you decide what to put in wedding favor boxes? What will YOU choose for your boxes? Tell us below and leave a comment!


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