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8 Useful (+ Fun!) Gift Ideas for the Bride

by Emma Arendoski
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If you’re the Maid of Honor (aka The MOH) or bridesmaid and need gift ideas for the bride, you’ve come to the right place. Rather than giving a gift that have been done over and over again, we’re sharing unique bridal gifts. Thoughtful. Practical. Handmade. Hand-picked. Delightfully planned. Gifts she’ll freaking love. High-five to EB reader, Jennie, who wrote us with an Ask Emmaline question + inspired this post. This one’s for you! Read on to see what made the list…

Gift Ideas for the Bride

1. A Bride Tote… + Essential Extras

You’ve seen/heard/thought about giving the bride a ‘Bride’ tote bag. Right? It’s been done several times before, but this time you’re doing it differently. Put things inside the bag she’ll actually use. Need ideas? We’ve got ’em:

bride tote bag - Gift Ideas for the Bride

dream state

Include a few fun things inside the tote:

o a spa gift card (for when she really needs to destress)
o a wedding survival kit
o a few wedding magazines — and an ongoing, pre-paid subscription for the year

wedding magazines - Gift Ideas for the Bride

o a chic portfolio / planner + a pen (for her wedding planning notes)

wedding portfolio blue chevron - Gift Ideas for the Bride

allisa jacobs

o a Starbucks gift card (+ stick it inside a re-usable tumbler, which makes it way more fun)

soon to be mrs tumbler - Gift Ideas for the Bride

dear lc

o a wedding planning book

2. Attire

Once the ring goes on her finger, it’s like she wants to shout the happy news to the world. She’s already infiltrated her Facebook newsfeed (and everyone else’s) and plastered photos all over Instagram with the big news; now she wants to wear it about town. Sound like the bride-to-be in mind? Here are a few suggestions:

How Will She Wear It?

The Everywhere Tank

Out + About

She can wear this tank out + about or around the house. It’s especially perfect for wearing to dress fittings with the bridesmaids.

soon to be mrs tank top - Gift Ideas for the Bride


The Gym

She can get her sweat on in style with a fun tank top. I spotted this one and loved it right away, as it reads: “I can’t keep calm, I’m getting married!” Cute.

i can't keep calm i'm getting married tank top - Gift Ideas for the Bride

strong girl clothing

At Home

This robe doesn’t have any text or embroidery, which means she can start wearing it immediately. Perfect for wearing while getting ready the morning of the wedding, too! This robe looks so sumptuous; it’s on my own wish list for sure.

bridal robe in white - Gift Ideas for the Bride


3. Dress Up the Device

Is the bride-to-be constantly on her cell phone? She’ll love a personalized cell phone case! These are so cute even I want one (and I’m already married + I’m an Android girl). That tells you just how much I adore ’em.

future mrs cell phone case - Gift Ideas for the Bride

dear lc

4. A Personalized Hanger

This is one of those gift items she may want to buy, but would totally love to get as a gift instead. A personalized hanger is one of my favorite gift ideas for the bride because it can be used to display her wedding gown in photos on the wedding day. After she wears the gown, she can then hang it in her closet on her new ‘Mrs’ hanger.

personalized bridal dress hanger - Gift Ideas for the Bride

get hung up

5. Wedding Vow Books

This is another idea that you probably haven’t thought of… but she’d really treasure as a gift. A vow book is a place where she and her spouse-to-be can write their vows to recite on the ceremony day (or to treasure as a keepsake). I especially love the vow books over at Made Divine: they’re total works of art.

vow book - Gift Ideas for the Bride

made divine

Here’s a peek at the inside where the vows are written:

vow book inside - Gift Ideas for the Bride

made divine

6. Something Blue Necklace / Pin

When you need something blue, you want something pretty, too — and that’s where this necklace and pin combination comes in. Whether or not she’d like to admit it, the adage of ‘Something Old, Something New’ is still used today and she probably wants to take part in it. Take the guesswork out of her ‘something blue’ with this pin, which can be attached underneath her gown or to her garter. it comes with a gorgeous necklace, too, to wear the day-of or ever after.

something blue jewelry - Gift Ideas for the Bride

love of pretty – p.s. snag 10% off this month with ‘EMMALINEBRIDE’ at checkout!

7. Shoe Gift Card + Sixpence

This is a unique idea she’ll love that we affectionately refer to as a “Shoegram”. One of the things The Bride will have on her shopping list is a pair of wedding shoes. Since she will know best what type of shoes she’d love to buy, don’t buy the shoes — get the gift card so she can purchase them instead. Include a sixpence (to correlate with the “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Sixpence in her Shoe” adage.) And, the beauty of this is she can use the card any way she chooses: for wedding shoes, new shoes for her bridal shower, or a pair of comfy flats for dancing at the reception.

shoegram - Gift Ideas for the Bride

8. Hand-Picked Piece of Jewelry

Every girl, bride-to-be or otherwise, loves jewelry. I recommend that you don’t buy a piece of jewelry to be worn on the wedding day (since wedding day jewelry is personal + she ought to pick it out herself). There is, however, always room for a piece of jewelry she can wear now… or when she officially becomes a Mrs.! Here are a few suggestions:

o Initial Necklace (you can even win one of these right now!)

initial necklace with heart

ava hope designs

o Monogram Necklace to wear when her name is officially changed

silver monogram necklace

monogram necklace

o a Mrs Necklace

gold mrs necklace

bip and bop

What would you add to the list? For more ideas, see also 12 Gift Ideas for Newly Engaged and Top 10 Engagement Gift Ideas.

Happy Planning!


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