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8 Gifts Your Wedding Registry Needs

by Emma Arendoski
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Hi, lovelies! If you’re an avid reader of Emmaline Bride, you know we love (and appreciate) hand-crafted wedding finds for every step of your journey from your engagement ring to your wedding dress and wedding invitations — right down to the gifts you add to your wedding registry. That’s one reason why we adore the MacKenzie-Childs wedding registry. At MacKenzie-Childs, you can add beautiful hand-crafted products to your wedding registry with finds for every room of your home. Today we’re sharing eight hand-picked gifts you’ll want to add to your own wedding registry. Read on for the list!

MacKenzie-Childs Wedding Registry

Instead of the same old products everyone has on their registry, you’ll find truly exceptional one-of-a-kind pieces at MacKenzie-Childs. Check out their product line here.
mackenzie-childs wedding registry
All ceramics are handmade and hand-painted right on-site at their location in Aurora, NY.
mackenzie-childs wedding registry
This includes their signature Courtly Check®, Parchment Check™, and Taylor Ceramics collections.
mackenzie-childs wedding registry
The most popular collection is definitely the Courtly Check®, which you’ll find often in our post today. It has a black-and-white checkered pattern you will absolutely love. It is one of my favorites!

And new this season for Spring 2017, MacKenzie-Childs has released a few new lines: Morning Glory, Flower Market Cookware, Berries & Blossoms, and Thistle & Bee.
Here’s a preview of the Morning Glory pattern! I especially love the pitcher and the canisters:

Thistle & Bee, one of their new collections, is their first ever fine porcelain bridal line for dinnerware and it is so pretty! Here’s an example:

MacKenzie-Childs Wedding Registry Gifts

Although there are way more than eight top gift picks, we had to narrow it down somewhere! Here is our list for the best gifts you need to add to your MacKenzie-Childs Wedding Registry, pronto.
1. This flatware
Every wedding registry needs flatware; that’s a fact. But their signature Courtly Check® flatware takes it one step further and looks exceptional with a wide variety of tableware. It is a fantastic flatware set for everyday dinners to special occasions.

mackenzie-childs wedding registry

2. One of these tea kettles
What I love most about MacKenzie-Childs tea kettles is how beautiful they are! I’m not kidding when I tell you that other tea kettles I have had in the past get buried (um, hidden) in my cabinets. That’s because once I use it, I want it put away, banished to the other pots and pans and cookware that stays under wraps except when needed. But the MacKenzie-Childs tea kettles are different. I have one and proudly display it on my countertop. On the stove, even! Hours after oatmeal is eaten, tea cups are empty, and water has cooled. The tea kettles are works of art.

I especially love this Courtly Check® tea kettle with bird on top:

3. Any of these cute oven mitts
The easiest way to add cheer to your kitchen? Cute oven mitts! I especially love these whimsical prints:

4. A set of these measuring spoons & cups
Baking and cooking is more enjoyable when you have quality kitchen tools on your side, like these copper-colored measuring cups and spoons…
mackenzie-childs wedding registry
key measuring spoons

arrow measuring spoons
mackenzie-childs wedding registry
… or this Courtly Check® enamel measuring cup

6. This dinnerware

Every wedding registry needs classic dinnerware, but these patterns make mixing-and-matching so much fun! Great for everyday use or special occasions.

6. These pots and pans

I want the entire set! Cooking is much easier with these pots and pants; you’d actually want to display them in your kitchen. The bird on top is the icing on the cake. (Shown: Flower Market Saucepan)

mackenzie-childs wedding registry

7. These canisters

Every counter-top needs cute canisters to keep your coffee, tea, sugar, flour, candy, etc. on hand (and fresh!) Here are a few of my favorite canisters:

mackenzie-childs wedding registry

8. These kitchen gadgets
Everyone needs things like spatulas, spoons, rolling pins, and more. But having everything coordinate with your kitchen makes it even sweeter! Plus, a decorative caddy to display them all is essential.

Don’t forget this apron. This is an ultra-chic accessory you won’t mind wearing long after the meal is served. Cute design!

mackenzie-childs wedding registry

And don’t forget these matching Kitchen Garden dish towels:

And because I couldn’t resist…

BONUS: 9. This picnic basket

This is way too cute to pass up!

Create your own MacKenzie-Childs Wedding Registry

Ready to shop these finds? Want to create your own MacKenzie-Childs wedding registry? Register here! I’ve had the privilege of seeing a few products up-close and the quality is truly exceptional. You won’t be disappointed!
Happy Planning!


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Sarah May 23, 2017 - 7:40 pm

I’m not planning a wedding, but I am a fan of your registry list. I would encourage all brides to follow this advice. I think it’s great that Williams Sonoma is now carrying the brand because many brides register there. You have a lovely site.

Emma Arendoski May 24, 2017 - 9:26 pm

Hi Sarah! I’m happy they are carrying it at Williams-Sonoma, too! :) Thanks for the kind words.

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