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Met, Engaged, Married Map

by Emma Arendoski

Where did you meet? Where did you get engaged? And where will you (or did you) get married? Now you can commemorate all three in an extra-special met, engaged, married map gift by Wooden Page Gifts.

This is the ultimate relationship map art you’ve been seeing everywhere, but now it is made in beautiful wood form. Now you can display the location on the map of where you met, got engaged, and were married, all engraved on a heart-shaped map with your special dates underneath it.

met engaged married map

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met engaged married map

The map measures 12 inches wide by 8 inches tall. It features three unique hearts: each one depicting a special milestone in your relationship. This makes a wonderful gift for an engagement, housewarming present, or an anniversary.

NOTE: If you’re celebrating your 5th anniversary, the traditional gift is wood… so this is perfect!

met engaged married map

The standard style met engaged married map features those titles, but you can request customized titles, if you prefer.

met engaged married map

Get a Met, Engaged, Married Map

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Happy Planning!


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