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Cute Mug for Future Mother in Law

by Emma Arendoski

We found a cute mug for future mother in law you won’t want to miss! See it below + subscribe to our newsletter for future posts in your inbox!

by susabellas

Bride-to-be Anna wrote us with an Ask Emmaline gift question that we’ve turned into our handmade-a-day pick! She writes, “Emmaline, I’m looking for a cute gift idea for my future mother in law for the wedding day. She doesn’t like to wear jewelry, so that’s out, but she does like tea, coffee, yoga, and music, just to name a few. Any ideas?” Great question, Anna! We’ve shared some really unique gift ideas for mom, some yoga bridesmaid gifts (many of which are perfect for moms), and you know we’re obsessed with coffee + coffee gift ideas over here. You mentioned she likes tea and coffee: a practical and enjoyable gift idea would be a mug she can enjoy every day. We found one we think she’ll love that reads “Thank you for raising the man of my dreams”. It’s a sweet sentiment, totally affordable, functional on a daily basis, and features personalization with your names on the back.

Get your mug here and pack it in a box with a bag of your favorite coffee beans or tea leaves, one of these spoons from SouthernGatherings, and a heartfelt hand-written card. She’ll love it!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Mug for Future Mother in Law

by susabellas

Ah, I love this one! if you like the style of lettering, you’ll enjoy other mugs in their shop.

Hope it helps :)

Happy Planning!


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P.S.S. For more gift ideas, see: 50 Most Unique Gift Ideas for Mom

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