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The Best Whiskey Groomsmen Gifts

by Emma Arendoski

Today we’re talking about where to buy a whiskey groomsmen gift for each groomsman in your crew. But first, make sure you subscribe for the latest!

Your groomsmen deserve nothing but the finest for standing by your side throughout your life and on your wedding day.

If there is one thing we know for certain, groomsmen customarily do a toast to the groom on his wedding day. As most special occasions are marked, a toast to the groom from his groomsmen is traditionally done with whiskey — and usually a good box of cigars.

PRO TIP: Don’t know what kind of cigar is best? Here’s a helpful resource!

While the bridesmaids are getting hair and makeup done in the bridal suite, the groomsmen are elsewhere: on the golf course, shooting a game of pool, or hitting up the local restaurant for a bite to eat before heading to the hotel to shower and get dressed in their suits or tuxedos for the wedding.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Once they’re dressed to the nines, there’s one thing most groomsmen always do before heading to the ceremony: they toast to the groom!

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Like it? Buy this whiskey decanter.

While your groomsmen are gathered, we can think of nothing better than presenting them with custom engraved whiskey glasses, decanter gift sets, or whiskey stones as a thank you for their friendship, loyalty, and support.

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Like it? Buy this whiskey decanter.

Whiskey Groomsmen Gift

Giving fine whiskey isn’t just a way to say thank you: it’s a time-honored tradition of toasting to the groom. In addition, when they see their custom whiskey decanter or cool whiskey glasses at home, they’ll remember your wedding day with a smile.

In addition to using the whiskey glasses the morning of the wedding, toasts are often followed at the wedding reception itself after speeches are given.

And at some point during the reception, those whiskey glasses will be enjoyed over conversation and cigars.

customized wine glasses

This means your carefully-selected whiskey gifts for groomsmen will be enjoyed during the entire wedding day itself and for years to come. That’s the sign of a good gift.

Today we’re sharing an assortment of the best whiskey glasses we could find, along with whiskey groomsmen gifts. These gift sets are beautifully made, handcrafted by Magic Wood Shop in New York.

Each decanter, glass, lighter, cigar box, etc. is carefully made, customized with an engraving of your choice, and shipped to your door in gift boxes, ready-to-give as groomsmen gifts on your wedding day.

The reviews of these pieces and the photos you’ll see below speak for themselves. If a classic, tried-and-true gift is what you’re after, these whiskey groomsmen gifts are the perfect choice for your wedding party.



whiskey groomsmen gifts

A monogrammed whiskey decanter set. Get yours here.

Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

This decanter is one of the most unique whiskey groomsmen gifts for the connoisseur of drinks.

Your decanter is engraved using your chosen design, one of many beautiful design options. If you prefer, you may select a custom design if you have one in mind.

This whiskey decanter is solid, with a heavy base of 4lb and holds 26 oz of whiskey. To keep the whiskey at its peak flavor, a stopper is included with your decanter set. In addition, you can add to your whiskey gifts for groomsmen and include heavy base 11 oz whiskey glasses and set of 9 whiskey stones.

whiskey groomsmen gifts Whiskey decanter gift set – Buy it!

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Personalized whiskey glasses – Buy now!

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Like it? Buy this whiskey decanter.

Note: This decanter makes a great gift for the groom, too. Engrave the back with a secret message!

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Groomsmen whisky gift set – Buy it!

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Engrave a special message on this grooms whiskey decanter set. Buy it here!

Personalized Whiskey Glasses

These whiskey glasses include a distinct design feature: they are engraved on the side and on the bottom of the glass itself so you can see the name or initials while drinking from it. Cool idea!

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Custom engraved whiskey glass with free stones. Buy it!

You can choose a monogram for the glasses, a design or pattern, or the groomsmen names engraved on the glassware.

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Personalized groomsmen whisky glasses. Buy it!

Personalized Whiskey Stones

By now, you’ve probably heard of whiskey stones: they can be put in the freezer and added to a glass of whiskey to keep your drink cold.

If you use ice, you know that it melts quickly; whiskey lovers or scotch drinkers like to enjoy their drink, sipping on it slowly to savor it.

Ice dilutes the taste of whiskey as it melts, so whiskey stones are the solution: keep your drink cold without watering it down.

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Groomsmen whisky stone gift set – Buy it!


We’ve seen whiskey stones before, but we’ve never seen personalized whiskey stones. These make cool whiskey gifts for groomsmen by themselves, paired with a bottle of whiskey, or paired with the whiskey decanter gift set.

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Groomsmen whisky stone gift set – Buy it!

The whiskey stones arrive in a velvet bag inside a gift box for a perfect presentation. You can choose whiskey stones in black or silver.

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Personalized silver whisky stones – Buy them!

And last but not least…

Whiskey Gifts + Upgrades

Add an upgrade to your whiskey groomsmen gifts with one word: cigars! Okay, two words: cigars and lighters!

whiskey groomsmen gifts

Personalized travel cigar case. Buy it!

There are few pairings that go together as well as whiskey and cigars, particularly at weddings.

You can surprise your groomsmen with both: choose a set of whiskey glasses, a whiskey decanter, whiskey stones, or all of the above and include a personalized cigar holder and lighter.

Personalized groomsmen gift lighter. Buy it!

Whiskey Groomsmen Gift Ideas

What do you think of these whiskey groomsmen gifts? Do you know someone who drinks scotch or whiskey and would love a gift like this? Which one is your favorite? We like how these whiskey gifts are custom personalized, making it an extra special gift for weddings.

Your groomsmen will love seeing their names etched into the sides and bottoms of the glassware, the front of the decanter, and the other whiskey accessories mentioned in today’s post.

As a bonus, you can be assured he won’t already own any gifts like these.

Buy Whiskey Groomsmen Gifts Here!

To shop more whiskey gifts for groomsmen, visit Magic Wood Shop here.

You can browse gifts for whiskey lovers, groomsmen gifts, bridesmaid gifts, and more.

Happy Planning!


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