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31 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas: Day 5 – Waterfall Braid

by Emma Arendoski
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Happy weekend! If you have long locks and are looking for a perfect waterfall braid for your wedding, look no further! Have you ever seen a waterfall braid? It’s an elegant twist on a braid and is perfect for a more casual hair-down wedding hairstyle.

Waterfall Braid

hair down waterfall braid


After seeing all of these wedding hairstyle ideas so far, I’m itching to grow my hair out again. Oh, and lately, I’ve wanted to dye my hair. From a box. People do it all the time, but I have only ever had highlights. I have these roots that need re-touching but I’M SICK OF GETTING HIGHLIGHTS. I feel like every time I do them, they barely last. Who’s with me? Anyway, if you have tips on hair dye in a box, please share below. Or tweet at me @EmmalineBride. Talk me into it. Or out of it. Or whatever. And enjoy your weekend!

But wait, there’s more…

Need a laugh? On a hair-related note, you’ll love, love, love this. I laugh out loud every time I see it. It’s so true.

how i think i look after a haircut vs how i actually look


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Anna July 7, 2014 - 1:34 pm

Amazing hair style…. I love that curly hair….


Amy - Chic Vintage Brides July 7, 2014 - 6:22 am

I am desperate to master those waterfall braids! Oh and I can so relate to that Javier Bardem photo :) I might walk out the salon looking like the top photo but I always look like the bottom the first time I style it myself! x

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