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7 Letterpress Invitations That’ll Make an Impression

by Emma Arendoski

make an impression with letterpress

Pop quiz time: what’s the easiest way to make a wedding impression right off the bat? With invitations! And, quite literally, letterpress invitations will make an even stronger impression. Letterpress is a technique that means the invitation was printed from a hard, raised image, one you can feel with your fingertips. You’ve probably seen letterpress invitations in the past, but you’ve never seen letterpress by Crafty Pie Press. We have the privilege of sharing these gorgeous new letterpress wedding invitations with you today complete with seven fabulous designs in all. There’s a little something for everyone! Take a look!

Letterpress Invitations by Crafty Pie Press

1. Modern Banner Invitations

modern banner letterpress invitationmodern letterpress invitation

2. Parisian Chic

parisian chic letterpress invitation

3. Modern Script

modern script letterpress invitationmodern script letterpress invitation

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

4. Calligraphy Script

calligraphy script letterpress invitation

5. Rustic Letterpress Invitations

vintage letterpress invitationvintage letterpress invitation

6. Playful Poster

rustic letterpress invitationrustic letterpress invitation

7. Rustic Script

poster letterpress invitation

You can see all of these letterpress invitations (and a few other designs) over at Crafty Pie Press, Featured Artist in The Marketplace.


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