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When to Order Invitations for Weddings? – Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

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by splash of silver

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! Today we’re featuring the latest Ask Emmaline question. When is too late to order your wedding invitations? Sasha wrote to us admittedly a little nervous about her looming wedding date and her lack of wedding invites at the ready. Is she ordering invitations too late? She writes,

“Dear Emmaline, I’m freaking out. My wedding date is November 12th and I have not ordered my wedding invitations yet. I was talking to my best friend who got married last year and she told me I need to hurry because most invitation designers are all booked up way in advance. She also said I’m way behind. Am I ordering my invitations too late?”

When to Order Wedding Invitations

First, relax. Don’t worry about lost time; let’s shift the focus on what you can do right now to get your invitations out and in the hands of your lovely guests just in time. You’re still ahead of schedule for mailing them; however, the timeline is getting a little close in terms of printing and shipping and preparing the invitations for the mail (which can take a little bit more time than it seems). Generally, wedding invitations should be sent six to eight weeks before the wedding*, which means you’ll want to deliver them to the post office no later than September 26th. But don’t fret! Here are two plans of action to get those invitations printed and on their way.

*destination wedding invitations should be sent out ten to twelve weeks before the wedding date

Option 1 – Order online / rush the order / party on with an invitation assembly crew

Find a favorite wedding invitation design that coordinates with your theme. (Need advice on where to start? Scope out these amazing handmade designs!). The benefit to ordering from an independent seller like these is the opportunity to request a rush order, a specific design, and work with the designer one-on-one. Some shops have very strict timelines and may be full (custom designs can take awhile!), or contact them by email and see what they can do. You’ll probably need to put a rush on your order so it’s printed and in your hands by October 5th, giving you just a few days (and a few invitation parties with your bridesmaids and your mom and lots of wine and appetizers and episodes of Scandal in the background) to get those invitations stuffed, addressed, stamped, triple-checked, and out in the mail. You can totally do it. I believe in you. Just get out there and order your invitations right now and make sure you get a confirmation that they will be printed and delivered to you in time.

Option 2 – Go with a printable file and do it yourself

If you’re nervous about getting them in time, go the ‘printable’ route. Printable wedding invitations are designed and customized just for you by an artist, just like the option above; however, these are offered in a design file purchase, meaning you buy the file to print yourself (or at a local print shop like Kinko’s or Office Max). Printable wedding invitations are great for do-it-yourself brides or when you need invitations right away.

Either way you choose, rest assured that guests will have their invitations in time, as long as you get moving on it right now! And relax — you’re not the first bride (and not the last) to procrastinate on wedding invitations. ;)

Hope it helps!

Wedding Invitations to Inspire You

Now that we’ve eased your stress a little (hopefully) and shared some important wedding invitation tips, check out our round up of the 50 Best Wedding Invitations for 2016. You’ll love ’em!

Happy Planning!


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