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Do Bridesmaid Shoes Have to Match?

by Emma Arendoski

Do bridesmaid shoes have to match? Can bridesmaids wear different shoes? We’re answering the big questions today for bridal party attire. Be sure to join the fun of our newsletter!

Hi, loves! We’re focusing today on a question that came in to our inbox from bride-to-be, Jess. She wants to know, simply:

Can bridesmaids wear different shoes, or do bridesmaids shoes have to match? Thanks for your input!”

do bridesmaid shoes need to match

Hi Jess! Great question. Similarly to whether bridesmaid jewelry has to match, bridesmaids can wear different shoes. Bridesmaids do NOT have to wear matching shoes. There is no particular rule that says bridesmaids need to coordinate in shoes, however, for photo’s sake and for a sense of cohesion, we do recommend your bridesmaids wear the same color of shoes.

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Bridesmaid Shoes That Match?


Bridesmaids can wear different shoes and no, they do not have to match. Bridesmaids can wear mismatched bridesmaid shoes if you’d like — your wedding day, your way!

We actually think it is more fun (and totally more reasonable from a past bridesmaid’s point of view, IMO) to ask bridesmaids to wear any shoe they like best (and in a particular color, if you’d like).

What Shoes Do Bridesmaids Wear?

The bridesmaid shoes can be flats or heels, wedges, slip-on shoes, sandals, boots, etc. Bridesmaid shoes with different heel heights is fine, too. Everyone should wear a pair of shoes they are comfortable in (and in which they can can walk confidently down the aisle!)

The shoes can be super inexpensive — or more luxurious. A popular choice for bridesmaid shoes that match in color is a pair of ballet flats, like these from Dessy: simple satin bridesmaid flats.

can bridesmaids wear different shoes

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can bridesmaids wear different shoes

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I have a pair of these pointed-toe black flats with lace and they are SO COMFORTABLE. I want to get another pair because I’ve worn them in like crazy. They are great for bridesmaids, would make a great gift as a part of their bridal party totes / gift bags on the morning of the wedding, and they are shoes your girls will love to wear long after the wedding.

can bridesmaids wear different shoes

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Don’t forget matching shoes of your own in white! These are the flats I’d recommend to brides, based on total comfort; even the inside is blue for your “Something Blue”. Easy! And under $45 a pair!

can bridesmaids wear different shoes

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Love a rounded ballet flat with a little sparkle? We’re loving these by Kailee P:

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Bridesmaids’ shoes do not need to be flats. Heels are a great option, too, like these black heels from KaileeP.

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Love burgundy? Here is a pair I’d love to wear! Also by KaileeP:

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You can browse more bridesmaids shoes here.

What Color Shoes Should Bridesmaids Wear?

Black bridesmaid shoes are a popular choice, as black goes with nearly everything and, just like the always-loved little black dress, most bridesmaids will already have a favorite pair of black shoes to wear.

Navy blue, if it coordinates well with your bridesmaid dresses, is another great option.

Nude — a perfect neutral — goes with nearly everything and, again, most bridesmaids will probably own a pair of neutral bridesmaid shoes that match each other (and if not, it’s a great type of shoe to have as a part of your closet!)

by forever soles

Another choice is a metallic, like gold or silver; again, we recommend the metallic choice matches the bridal party but the heel height or style does not matter.

by pinky promise accessories

Here are some metallic options for bridesmaid flats from BIRDIES. These are stylish and comfy (like wearing a pair of slippers!) and they have a 30-day fit guarantee.

bridesmaid shoes have to match

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bridesmaid shoes have to match

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(Note: If you’re looking to buy bridesmaid shoes soon, BIRDIES is having a big annual sale here for a limited time! See what is included here.)

What Shoes To Wear With Long Bridesmaid Dresses?

For short or long bridesmaid dresses, any shoes will do! However, if the dress is very long, we recommend bridesmaids wear a shoe that will give a little height so the length of the dress isn’t dragging on the floor. Shorter bridesmaids may choose to wear a tall heel or wedge; taller bridesmaids (I’m a tall girl, so this is truth!) will like wearing flats so they don’t tower too much, and so that the length of the dress aligns perfectly with their height.

NOTE: If bridesmaids are wearing long dresses, they should wear their bridesmaids shoes to the dress fitting (or a pair similar to what they plan to wear) in order to get the proper measurements and height so the material isn’t too long — or too short! — before the big day.

Can Bridesmaids Wear White Shoes?

We recommend no: bridesmaids should NOT wear white shoes, since the white dress, white veil, and white shoes signify the bride!

Who Buys Bridesmaid Shoes?


Who pays for bridesmaid shoes? Great question! Bridesmaids buy their own shoes (or wear a pair they already have in the color of your choice). However, if you have a specific look in mind and wish for bridesmaids to wear shoes that match each other, we recommend the bride buys bridesmaid shoes if you’re asking your crew to wear matching bridesmaid shoes.

This is because bridesmaids already pay for the cost of their dresses and the cost of the shoes can, of course, be a part of your bridal party gift to your girls.

bridesmaid shoes have to match

by kaileep

And there you have it: pretty much all the rules and etiquette of bridesmaid shoes! What color bridesmaid shoes will your bridal party wear? Mine wore black and it worked out great; everyone already had a fave pair!

Happy Planning!


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