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Tieks for the Bride: 5 Reasons to Put Foldable Flats on Your Radar

by Emma Arendoski

For any bride, finding a pair of comfortable shoes is just as important as finding The Dress! But with all the standing, walking, and dancing you’ll be doing at the wedding, comfort is key. That’s where this pair of foldable flats comes in – Tieks! These flats are becoming increasingly popular among brides-to-be. If you haven’t checked them out yet, here are 5 reasons you should put them on your radar – and in your bridal bag.

Comfort Without Compromising Style

When you want a comfortable shoe, you may picture something clunky and not at all fashionable. But that’s why these are so genius! They’re designed with luxurious leather and have a cushioned insole, so you’ll have comfort and style down the aisle. It’s the perfect pair of flats for the bride on her wedding day.

Perfect for Outdoor Weddings

Whether indoors or out, Tieks pack a powerful punch. You can comfortably wear them at any outdoor wedding venue, from garden to beach to a wedding in the woods! No heel means you won’t be sinking into dirt, sand, grass, or mud. And since Tieks are foldable and come with a pouch, you can pack them and bring them along for any outdoor wedding venue or photoshoot.

Versatile for Any Wedding Style

If you love a bold shade of shoes, Tieks offers them. More of a classic bride? Opt for a white or ivory color. Love a bit of shimmer? Shine down the aisle and dance floor in their gold foil accent flats. Tieks understands that brides want options, so they have over 70 colors and prints to make it easy to find exactly what you want to wear.

Something Blue

Tieks shoes feature an iconic Tiek Blue outsole, which makes a perfect “Something Blue” for the bride!

► Check out their vegan collection.

Post-Wedding Wearability

Why buy wedding shoes that can only be worn once? Instead, Tieks can be worn again for many occasions or even for everyday wear, making them a practical investment for brides.

Now that you know what makes Tieks a perfect choice for weddings and beyond, explore Tieks for any upcoming nuptials.

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I’ve tried a pair myself and they’re as comfortable as they claim, and I find myself wearing them everywhere!

ON TO YOU: What are your experiences with Tieks? Have you worn them as a bride or wedding guest? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Happy Shoe Shopping!


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