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Hand Sanitizer Packets for Wedding? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

Need/want hand sanitizer packets bulk order sized — or in small minimums? We found both! Get hand sanitizer packets wedding themed here + encourage guests to wash those hands. Subscribe here for the latest.

Another week in 2020 warrants another COVID wedding question — and we are HERE FOR IT. :) Sneeze guards? Face masks for guests? Yup, we’ve got you covered. We’re happy to help you navigate this crazy, wacky world of weddings during COVID as well as we can! This question about hand sanitizer packets in bulk comes from Sandra, who asks,

“Hi Emmaline, I don’t know if you already talked about it but do you know where to buy hand sanitizer packets bulk sized or in a large quantity? I prefer the packets to the pumps and would rather give them out to my guests as single-use than having to set up stations. What do you think? Do you know where to get any? Thank you.”

by jill’s paperie

Hi Sandra! Great question. We have covered hand sanitizer favors, but single-use hand sanitizer packets in bulk, now that’s a new one! We did some digging over the weekend and we found customized hand-sanitizer wipes, individually wrapped, just for you. On your own search, you’ve probably come across plenty of promotional hand sanitizer packets in bulk; however, for weddings, we encourage you to look for customized hand sanitizer packets in bulk instead, designed for weddings or parties.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

They’re available in large OR small sizes (with a low minimum of 10 packets, which is a huge deal on your budget!) and will look as nice as possible for your setup.

Why Hand Sanitizer Packets vs. Gel Bottles?

You don’t have to choose one over the other: you can offer both! However, we noticed many couples were skipping out on the gel bottles for a bit due to a pump shortage for a while, gel shortage for most of the early part of the year, and other reasons, like smell. YUCK!


Let’s discuss it!

Some Hand Sanitizer Stinks.

There has been a big problem with online hand sanitizer orders, the liquid kind, and we’re hearing it more often: it SMELLS. Some of the formulas have a really strange smell; I’ve experienced it myself. I’m not sure what it is, but you do not want a stinky, weird-smelling hand sanitizer mess. I overheard a woman talking about it the other day, too, telling her daughter she bought a huge pump of hand sanitizer and it smelled awful.

I’ve also heard about some brands that have a weird soapy feel afterward like it doesn’t quite wash your hands well enough. It becomes a sticky, no-good mess.

So, if you do choose hand sanitizer pumps, my best recommendation: go with POPULAR name brands. Don’t go cheap with inexpensive hand sanitizer, as it most likely not made properly and/or smells weird. Period. And always try it out first so you know exactly what you’re offering to your guests.

These small bottles have solid reviews. They’re available at SpecialStationery:

buy here

customized wine glasses

Do Hand Sanitizer Packets Smell Weird?

I hope not! At least, I cannot attest to the way these hand sanitizer packets wedding wipes smell, since I’ve never tried them myself; however, based on reviews, they smell and work as they normally should.

I wish I could ask you, Sandra, specifically why you don’t want to use the pumps (the amount of space? pumps not available? the smell?) so feel free to email us back with this information. However, we have heard about this weird smell problem with hand sanitizer gel and we’re seeing these hand sanitizer packets available more and more often these days as a result.

Do I Have To Buy Individual Hand Sanitizer Packets/

YES. While you can get a large pack of wipes in, seriously, a 400 pack, you can’t risk the contamination of everyone reaching into the same pack of wipes. Instead, you’ll need individual hand sanitizer wipes, individually sealed, aka hand sanitizer packets.

Why Else Would I Use Individual Packets Instead of Hand Sanitizer Bottles?


If you just don’t like the big bulky bottles, then sure, packets are another way to go.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using these hand sanitizer packets wedding themed, make sure you buy hand sanitizer packets in bulk at a good price and at a large quantity so you don’t run out or run low. You’ll want guests to have enough to use throughout the evening. PLUS, this one’s a biggie:

• Do NOT use ONLY PACKETS at the bathrooms. You should have running water and soap if possible for handwashing at the bathroom; if you have a port-a-potty for an outdoor wedding, large bottles of hand sanitizer are your BEST bet.

Lastly, if you are deciding on custom hand sanitizer packets wedding related or party-themed, make sure you have plenty of trash receptacles to handle the waste of the paper, wipes, and discarded tops. :)

Okay, now that we covered the basics, let’s cover your question: where to buy hand sanitizer packets in bulk for weddings.

We found you two great options: custom packets and non-custom packets to fit with your style and/or budget.

Where To Get Hand Wipes in Bulk

You can buy hand sanitizer packets in bulk from Zazzle, in small quantity or large quantities — up to 5000 packets! And you get a huge volume discount (save a percentage off based on how many you buy).


In addition, you can create a completely custom order: just start here and upload your own design. Pretty cool.

Custom Hand Sanitizer Packets Wedding

Here are just a few of the custom sanitizer wedding packets you can buy, all pre-designed and ready to use! These are easy to customize yourself to edit the names and wedding date, right on the website, and preview it before they print.

via here

Fall Floral

These fall blooms adorn these hand sanitizer packets beautifully. By Redwood & Vine.

by redwood & vine

Vintage Script

Cute style and font! I adore these hand sanitizer packets wedding designed by LemonBox.

buy here


These minimalist hand sanitizer packets in bulk are one of the easiest styles to go with everything! By LemonBox.

buy here

Modern Monogram

Ooh, stylish! By Jill’s Paperie.

buy here

Spread Love, Not Germs

A beautiful design by Zolice.

buy here



A pretty green design packs a pretty punch for these packets. By DelenesCreations.

buy here

Air Mail

I didn’t know such a cute design even existed! These hand sanitizer packets in bulk are designed by LaBellaRue.

buy here

Pine Forest

For an outdoorsy vibe, check out these hand sanitizer packets bulk sized (or available in small micro-wedding sizes!) By LateBloomPaperie.

buy here

Keep It Clean

Simple, minimalist, stylish. By LemonBox.

buy here

Also loving this by the same shop…

Wash Your Hands, Ya Filthy Animal

Ha! Great iconic line. See it here.

buy here

Watercolor Heart

A pretty design by LaBellaRue.

buy here

Also, this hot pink one, because I love hot pink on everything (via here):

buy here

Faux Gold Heart

Spread Love, Not Germs! Cute design for weddings or bridal showers. By BombinoDesigns.

buy here


This design is lovely! Great for a sunflower themed wedding. By BoundlessCreative.

buy here

Can I Buy Hand Sanitizer Packets Without Customization?

You sure can! If the price is an issue, by all means, buy hand sanitizer packets in bulk here without customization.

The only brand I would trust for non-custom packets is the following. This is your wedding you’re talking about here, so quality is everything.

Wet Ones: Antibacterial Hand Wipes Singles, Fresh Scent, 24 Count

These can be placed in a large basket at the entryway of your wedding. You can set it up as part of your hand sanitizer station.

We hope it helps! Just writing this post makes me feel like now I need to use these hand sanitizer packets. Ha! I’ve gotten pretty used to washing like crazy, so these would even be a great addition to toss in your purse to have close-at-hand.

What do you think of hand sanitizer packets vs. bottles? What are you using at your wedding?

Many thanks to Sandra for writing! We love hearing from our readers: send us your questions here!

Happy Planning!


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