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The 9 Must-Have Wedding Signs You Need

by Emma Arendoski
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Are you looking for a list of wedding signs you need at your wedding? Don’t worry: we won’t let you miss a thing! Read on for the list to required wedding signs + subscribe here for the latest to your inbox.

Wedding signs: there sure are a lot of them, am I right? It seems like everywhere you look at the ceremony and reception, there’s a label for everything.

But there’s a good reason for that. Unless you have a sign to tell guests something specific, they might not know what to do. So it’s best to label anything in question, just in case, like “please take a favor” or “please sign the guest book”, just as two examples.

In this post, you’ll find the essential list of wedding signs you need to have at your wedding and, let me tell you, the list for some may be less than these, others may require more. It really depends on what you’re adding to your wedding ceremony and reception and, furthermore, whether you’re a sign lover or not. :) We’ve narrowed it down to the most essential wedding signs since, hey, who wants to pay for signs you don’t really need? Who needs to label ALL THE THINGS? Not us!

Here’s the list of signs you need to have on your wedding day.

Wedding Signs

1. Welcome wedding sign

Upon entering your ceremony, guests will be greeted with a welcome sign. We vote to include it at your ceremony and your reception (hey, win-win!) because it really adds a decorative touch to the entryway (and it lets your guests know they’ve come to the right place).

This wood one is a best-seller and it’s not surprising why; it’s beautiful! By SimplyCedarCo.

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Here’s another example in chic black and white. By ZCreateDesign.

wedding signs you need

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This year, acrylic wedding welcome signs are getting ALL the love. Check out this modern, stylish design! By Z Create Design.

wedding signs

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2. Reserved wedding signs

Are you saving a special seat for your grandmother? Immediate family? Traditionally, the first two rows on either side of the aisle are reserved for the bride or groom’s immediate family members.

But the thing is, not everyone gets the memo. :)

To politely encourage guests to skip those seats, use ceremony reserved signs like these on the pews or chairs.

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3. In Memory Of sign

If you’re saving a seat in memory of someone who has passed away, you’ll want to include a sign on your list. This sign can also be moved to the reception as part of an “In Remembrance” table.

in memory of wedding sign

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4. Ceremony signs for the ring bearer and flower girl

If you are having your ring bearer or flower girl carry signs instead of a ring pillow / flower basket, take note: you’ll need to order ceremony signs!

ring bearer sign

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ring bearer signs

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5. Seating chart wedding signs

Unless you’re having escort cards placed at the entryway of your wedding, you’ll definitely need a seating chart sign. This acrylic seating chart is a very unique design and we love the look! This acrylic sign is by TheConfettiHome.

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If you prefer a rustic option, check out this “find your seat” sign for your wedding by SimplyCedarCo.

find your seat sign

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Or this laser-cut out sign, which can be placed on your entry table for guests to find their escort cards. By ZCreateDesign.

find your seat signage

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6. Guest book sign

A wedding sign you need that is often missed is the guest book sign, asking guests to sign it. This is a great way to ensure everyone gets a chance to add their signature; we’ve seen this omitted too many times and, guess what? Many guests forget to sign it or miss the guest book altogether.

We found a very cheap printable sign you can buy now and print at home. Just edit, print, place inside a frame like this, and you’re done! This design is by ChicPaperie.

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If you’re having a specialty guest book, like a fingerprint guest book, you’ll need a wedding sign telling guests *exactly* how to sign it. Here’s an example:

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7. Gifts sign

You’ll also need a cards and gifts sign. This one by PaperandPineCo is a great option. Again, you’ll want a picture frame that stands up on a table, like this.

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8. Wedding signs for the grand exit

If you’re having a sparkler or glow stick grand exit, you’ll want/need a sign to tell guests when it is happening. This sparkler sign is beautifully made by SweetNCCollective and tells guests the time at which it will begin.

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This glow stick sign says, “let love glow” and is made by ColorAndEtch.

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Prefer a wood look? You can get “let love glow” or “let love sparkle” wedding sign styles at DutchGoldfinch.

9. Favors sign

And last but not least, one of the wedding signs you need is a “favors” sign. Although it seems obvious, here’s the thing: unless you tell guests to take a favor home, they won’t. This means you’ll be left with loading up the favors back to your own home and guests will wonder where the favors went. ;) I know, wild, but true!

This one is super cute + includes “thank you for celebrating with us! By SweetNCCollective.

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BONUS: 10. To Have and to Hold In Case You Get Cold sign

If you want guests to take a blanket or pashmina shawl (get them in bulk for cheap here!) you will need to be direct and tell them to take one! Here’s a sign that does the trick (by SweetNCCollective):

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Helpful Tips:

If you’re looking for more signs, want affordable options, or need a little variety, shop here on Zazzle.

You can also try these signs on Etsy here.

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