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The 7 Most Beautiful Moss Agate Rings on Earth

by Emma Arendoski
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Looking to buy a moss agate ring? Whether you want a wedding ring or engagement ring set, we’ve found the best moss agate rings for sale online. Read on for more + subscribe for the latest to your inbox.

If you’re dreaming of moss agate Etsy rings, look no further than the collection at Capucinne. But first, let’s discuss why these moss agate rings are perfect for your engagement or wedding ring sets, what this gemstone looks like, what agate represents, and most importantly, is moss agate good for rings?

We’ll discuss the hardness of the gemstone, whether it’s a good engagement ring option, and then share where to buy moss agate from the best ring shop on Planet Earth. :)

Let’s get started!

Moss Agate Ring: What is it?

Have you ever seen a moss agate engagement ring? In a word, it is: amazing.

It’s also an incredibly unique gemstone to wear and makes its name as one of the most unique non-traditional engagement rings on the market.

Moss agate is a semi-precious gemstone and is made from silicon dioxide and chalcedony. The gemstone is known for its unique green filaments, which sort of creep up and appear to look like moss. It is the ideal ring for someone who loves to be outdoors in nature.

What does moss agate represent?

What is the moss agate ring meaning behind the gemstone? Many believe it is a gemstone that will keep your mind calm and still, as moss agate is typically held inside one’s hands during meditation. If you wear it as a ring, you are bringing along the sense of calmness and stillness to your everyday life.

There’s more to its symbolism, too: moss agate is said to represent friendship, which makes it a perfect ring to give to your life partner. For this reason, we’re finding a huge uptick in the popularity of moss agate wedding rings.

Is moss agate good for rings?

When you’re looking for an engagement ring, you’re probably wondering if the gemstone will be good long-term. Many people wonder, is moss agate good for rings?

Yes! As with all rings, you’ll want to follow proper care, but a moss agate makes a beautiful engagement ring stone and is good for rings. In terms of durability, it is regarded as a good everyday stone to wear.

Moss agate hardness

In addition to durability, it’s important to note that the moss agate hardness rating, based on its geological properties, puts it at a 6 1/2 to 7, which means it’s rated well for daily wear.

What are moss agate healing properties?

Many people adore this gemstone based on looks alone, but did you know it offers unique healing properties, too? Moss agate is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is believed to cleanse your circulatory system and boost your immune system. While that’s no guarantee — and I’m not 100% sure how that works — it is what moss agate’s healing properties are believed to have.

Now that you know more about moss agate rings, let’s explore some, shall we? If you’ve got your heart and eye set on this gemstone, you’ll be excited to hear you can buy moss agate engagagement rings at Capucinne.

It is one of the best places to purchase green moss agate, particularly for an engagement ring. This shop offers a wide variety of agate engagement ring and wedding ring styles in the most gorgeous settings.

Moss Agate Rings for Sale

I noticed one big thing when reading up on these moss agate rings: order early! In fact, this style is so popular, there is few weeks’ order wait in the Etsy shop. You can still order, but you’ll need to give a little extra time. However, you can also purchase these directly on their website here. You can also get 5% OFF Their Best Seller Stones: Moss Agate & Alexandrite. :) Hope it helps!

1. Oval Green Stone Ring

This exceptional ring features a large green oval gemstone that features white mossy agate and moissanites.

buy here

2. Three Stone Ring with Teal

This organic, nature-inspired ring is a lovely choice: it has a round-cut green stone and accent teal tourmalines.

buy here

3. Unique Halo Moissanite Ring

You can get this agate ring with halo stones and moissanite, or white diamonds if you prefer.

buy here

4. Engagement Ring with Leaf Band Detail

What a stunning ring! It is ideal for an engagement and features a large mossy agate stone with nature-inspired leaves adorning the band.

buy here

5. Mossy Gemstone

If you want a moss agate wedding ring set, this is perfect! It has a large oval green tone ring along with a champagne diamond band that fits with it beautifully.

buy here

6. Hexagon Ring

If you love a unique shape, this is the best hexagon moss engagement ring we’ve seen yet!

buy here

7. Salt and Pepper Ring

A salt and pepper diamond ring pairs beautifully here with moss agate. Love, love, love this one!

buy here

If you love these rings, there’s more to see in their shop! You can click here to shop these looks and see even more in the collection.

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