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How to Create a Personal Wedding Website in 3 Easy Steps

by Emma Arendoski
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What is the best wedding website builder? How do you make a personal website your wedding guests will want to visit? We found the easiest wedding website that is also FREE! Read on for more + subscribe for the latest.

Are you ready to set up a personal wedding website for guests to visit? Do you have no idea where to start? Oh, good! You’re in the right place. :)

Today we’re talking about how to make a free wedding website that is private for your guests, 100% easy to use (the easiest wedding website on the market, tbh), and will make the best addition to your stationery.

easiest wedding website builder with password and rsvp

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Bride-to-be, Nicola, wrote us with this question:

“Hi Emmaline, when should you start a wedding website? I’m getting married in March and I’m wondering if I’m too early or too late. How do I create a website for my wedding and how long does it take? Thank you for your help.”

Hi Nicola! Wonderful questions — let’s walk through the easy process of setting up a personal wedding website together. It’s simple!

When should you start a wedding website?

The best time to start a personal website for your wedding is right away.

Once you’re engaged, putting together a wedding website is a great task to accomplish and you can add to it, edit it, and include additional tabs to your website in the future. You can even make it a goal to build your wedding website as soon as save the date cards are mailed.

As a rule of thumb, you will want to make your private wedding website before your wedding invitations are mailed. This is to ensure you include the website address on an enclosure card.

personal wedding website

design: ashley rosenbaum

Other than that, there aren’t any other rules when it comes to the timing of launching your wedding website. Anytime is perfect, particularly 6 to 8 months ahead of the wedding date.

How do I create a website for my wedding?

If you’ve done a quick search online, you may feel inundated by the dozens of free wedding website builders, private wedding websites, and personal websites for your wedding. How many different types can there be?!

How do you know which one is the best wedding website for your needs?

I’ll save you the trouble: Minted! It’s the best.

If you’re looking for the easiest wedding website that is also free, they are the best one in my opinion, based on ease of use, password protection, and design quality. Plus, it is private.

Minted.com wedding websites are more popular than ever before, particularly because they’re equipped with the easiest builder imaginable.

In addition, you can easily customize the wedding website to match your invitations — or vice versa. If you’ve already picked out invitations on their website or elsewhere, you are able to easily coordinate the style, theme, and colors with your personal website.

On the other hand, if you need wedding invitation inspiration, you’ll find a plethora of options on their website. Once you find the design you love, you can easily choose the exact website design to match.

How easy is that?

What makes Minted.com Wedding Websites the Best?

There are many options on the market, so what makes Minted.com wedding websites stand out among the others?

Here are some reasons why we highly recommend their website builder for your wedding.

1. You can make a private website.

Are wedding websites public? Unfortunately, many of them are — but not at Minted. You don’t want your wedding website to be public. They offer password protection so you don’t have to worry about anyone peeping at your wedding details on the web.

2. Make a wedding website with RSVP for multiple events.

One of the biggest highlights is the ability to RSVP online. Other websites allow you to RSVP online, but this one is different: you can add RSVP functionality for multiple events.

This is extremely helpful for final headcounts for upcoming events including the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and the main event — your wedding day!

What a savings of paper, envelopes, postage, and time! You can even make QR code rsvp cards and direct the link to your personal website. Guests scan the QR code and RSVP on your private wedding website. Easy!

best wedding website with password

Your personal wedding website will even save you the hassle of chasing down those guests who forgot to rsvp, not to mention having to make those awkward phone calls. ;)

3. Add video to your personal website.

New this year, you can now add a video to your wedding website! This is a great way to share a proposal video or make a special welcome video for guests to watch when they visit your site.

4. Large assortment of wedding website designs.

You can easily browse through an assortment of wedding website designs, and filter results by season, theme, color scheme, and location (i.e. beach, city, country, etc.)

You truly have the freedom to go wild with your website design and make it tailored to your liking.

personal wedding website width=

design: ashley rosenbaum

5. Edit the text easily.

Things change while you’re planning! If you need to edit the text, it’s easy to do so with their free wedding website builder.

6. Change your site layout with a click.

Other places make it tough to change the layout of your website. If you want to start over, you lose your info and have to start from scratch. Yikes!

Instead, Minted knows that the easiest wedding websites are those that make editing a snap!

You don’t have time to mess around making new sites when you need to make a change. So, they’ve made it simple to make a quick change to your website WITHOUT losing information. Phew!

best wedding website builder

7. Adjust the colors.

Have a change of palette? No problem! Feel free to update or adjust the colors of your site to your liking, as often as needed.

website for my wedding

design: ashley rosenbaum

8. Add additional details pages to your website.

Make your site informative for guests with additional custom pages like an events page, introduce your wedding party and add bios to your wedding party page, include a travel page for out-of-town guests, and don’t forget that gift registry page! Guests will love the convenience of having everything they need to know in one place, your website!

9. Upgrade your website for your wedding with a custom URL.

Make it easy for guests to find your wedding website! Instead of typing in a long URL, guests can access your site with a custom URL like EmmaLovesAndrew.com vs. https://thislongwebsite.com/allofthesepages/morepages/randomnumbers92832823/ :) Much easier, yes? I think it is 100% worth the $15 upgrade fee, which also includes additional custom pages such as “how we met”, “the proposal”, or a photo gallery.

how to make a website for wedding

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How do you make a wedding website?

There are 3 easy steps to create a FREE personal wedding website.

Plus, for all layout options, you will receive a live link where you can engage with a demo version of that layout, so you’ll know exactly how it works before you get started.

1. Click here to get started.

Answer a few easy questions and you’ll be on your way! Once you fill out the answers, you can move on to choosing a website design.

2. Select your website design.

Browse some options here and pick a style that complements your wedding vibe, colors, and theme. If you’d prefer, browse invitations first! Find a design you like and then pick out your website layout.

3. Customize!

Customize your personal wedding website to your liking from start to fabulous finish. Later, you can add more details, pages, and more. You can add password protection and keep your website private from the very beginning, launching it officially once you’re ready.

Ready to get started? Your website is just a click away! Head to Minted.com now to get started.

Get Your Wedding Website Built For You

Many couples wonder… what if I don’t have the time or desire to do it myself? Can someone help me put it together? That’s another wonderful perk of Minted: they offer Concierge, a unique service where you can schedule an appointment for free and discuss your website, wedding theme, colors, and ask for help with invitations / stationery. In addition, if you upgrade to $49, your concierge can build your wedding website with or for you… a wonderful help when that to-do list of yours is getting longer by the week!

Plus, that upgrade? It includes a custom URL (the $15 value we mentioned earlier!) to make it super-easy for guests to enter into their Smartphone or computer.

wedding website service

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Wedding Website Service

The wedding website service ($49) occurs during a live working session and an expert from our Wedding Concierge team will provide an overview of the wedding website, begin uploading your information, and provide tips to make your website uniquely yours. This paid service offering includes a complimentary upgrade to a custom URL ($15 value) for the most personal website.


Hope it helps!


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