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How To Set Up a Pretzel Wall at Your Wedding

by Emma Arendoski

Wondering how to set up a pretzel wall at your wedding? We’ll tell you everything you need to know! Get on the list for tips to your inbox.

Move over, champagne and donut walls! There’s a new option in town and the pretzel wall wedding craze is heating up!

Hot soft pretzels are fresh, salty, super-dippable-in-nacho-cheese, and amazingly savory with a cold beer. YUM.

In addition to the way they taste and how creative they are, the pretzel wall wedding trend is extremely fitting because of its tagline: “We tied the knot!” Everyone loves a good, tasty pun.

If you want to set up a pretzel display, pretzel wall, or pretzel bar at your wedding, we have everything you need to know and answers to alllllll the questions. After all, you are probably wondering things like:

• Where can I buy a pretzel wall for wedding reception displays?

• Where to buy pretzels in bulk for weddings, or where can I get them delivered near me?

• How do I decorate my pretzel bar?

• Should I refrigerate or freeze the pretzels before it’s time to bake them?

Ah, so many questions — all answered right here! Told you we’re a little nutty about wedding pretzel walls! :)

In this post, we’ll tell you how to display pretzels at your wedding and how to offer pretzel wedding favors with cute favor bags. We’re covering everything for the perfect pretzel presentation. Try saying that 3 times fast! We’ll also show you where to buy soft pretzels in bulk for weddings to save money.

Let’s get started! You have a pretzel wall to plan! :)

Pretzel Wall Wedding Ideas

First, how would you like to display your pretzels? Here are a few ways to show ’em off.

Pretzel Wall

Display your pretzels on a wall like this with hooks. Simply place the pretzel wall on a sturdy easel and then add your soft pretzels to the hooks. Done! This is by SaveTheDateDesignsCo.

buy here

On a treat wall, where you hang up the pretzels on hooks? That is one option. You can get a HUGE pretzel wall for wedding receptions at TreatWalls.

buy here

You HAVE TO see how awesome these look in action here! So awesome! Plus, if you’re in the Chicago area, you can rent a pretzel wall for wedding receptions. Just ask for the details here.

Need a smaller pretzel wall? Sure thing! This is a great buy at only $80+ and says, “We tied the knot” at the top. Cute! By CoogeeStudios.

buy here

You can get an optional stand, if needed, and request custom sizing to accommodate a larger number of guests. Here are additional colors, too! They do it all in their shop.

buy here

buy here

Would you rather hang the pretzels from copper rods and rings, like this? You can buy it at GingerRay; I looooove the look of copper! You can also buy it from Target here.

buy here

Or do you want to offer pretzels on a stand that can be later used for donuts and other grabbable treats? This acrylic set of stands make it easy to place soft pretzels in stacks for guests to grab. Offer boxes of these wax paper sheets so guests can take a pretzel without touching the other pretzels at the same time. :) These pretzel holders work well on a flat surface and they’re super affordable: only $16.99 for a set of three with FREE shipping (for Prime members, get a free 30-month trial on us!) Then you can get your pretzel wall wedding supplies super-fast to your door.

Prefer it in wood with personalization? No sweat! These are showing donuts in the photo, but use your imagination and pretend there are pretzels in there. It works just as well! By ZCreateDesign.

buy here

Now that you know how to set up the pretzel display, let’s discuss where to buy soft pretzels for weddings in bulk.

Where to Buy Soft Pretzels for Wedding in Bulk

Okay, now here’s the biggie: you need soft pretzels for wedding displays. There’s no other way around it: you need to find them, bake them up, and display them. It’s not that tough really when you know where to look! You want your soft pretzels to be good quality, but you also don’t want to spend more than necessary. If you buy pretzel gift boxes, they look delicious but they are super-expensive and can add up when you figure in 100+ guests. Instead, you’ll want to buy soft pretzels in bulk from these retailers:

BND Gourmet offers bulk pretzels online with positive reviews

Eastern Standard Provisions has a bunch of gourmet pretzel options; they’re a bit pricier, but man, they look amazing. You also get dipping sauces with them and they are available with a lot of salt. :)

You can also browse these listings with great resources + reviews for where to buy pretzels for weddings in bulk online.

You can also buy soft pretzels for weddings on Etsy from here — did you know that? I want to try these! They look / sound so good.

TheSistersSweets: You can get delicious soft pretzels for weddings delivered to your home 2-3 days before the event so they’re fresh! You can even get these with toppings or plain; personally, I’d love to try the garlic parmesan and cheddar options they offer. You get a pack of 8, so it isn’t bulk (they’re small biz!) but ask if you want large orders to see what they can accommodate.

via here

As another option, you can buy these boxes of soft pretzels that are frozen and keep them frozen until it’s time to bake ’em up. I buy this brand and this kind (both from Target, you can order online here!) and they always come out SO GOOD. It reveals a little more work on your part, but still… you can’t beat the original brands!

buy here

buy here

You may be able to get a HUGE order of these from your local Costco or Sam’s Club, but I know the availability varies from season to season (and sometimes, darn it, from week to week! And once you find a product you love — lookin’ at you, Cowboy Caviar (salsa) from Costco — they stop selling it and you can’t find it anymore!) So, just call ahead to your local store and see what is in stock. :)

HELPFUL TIP: Do NOT refrigerate soft pretzels. Put them in the freezer!

Need to get them delivered? Sure thing: we did some research on local pretzels near you, too. ↓

Where to Get Soft Pretzels Delivered

If you prefer to outsource the pretzely goodness, try a local bakery in your area that specializes in pretzels. Surprisingly, a few searches determined that some caterers and independent companies offer pretzel catering – what a time to be alive! :)

If there isn’t one near you, consider a well-known source: Auntie Anne’s, of course! They even have a food truck or catering options for pretzels. Find out more here.

You can also hire someone to drive out to get pretzels from Wetzel’s Pretzels or Auntie Anne’s, or get them delivered from a place like GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, etc. Just an idea! Your caterer may have options available to you, too, so just ask.

Okay: your pretzel wall or pretzel display is set up for your wedding and you’ve figured out where you’ll buy soft pretzels in bulk (or have them delivered). What could be next? Oh, decorations! :)

How to Decorate a Pretzel Display

Once the pretzels are in place, your pretzel display will look great as-is. But if you’d like to add a little more flair to your space, here are some pretzel wedding decorations to use.

Pretzel Bar Sign

Add a sign! This pretzel sign is lightweight and will look great as a part of a backdrop wall (like the faux boxwood as shown). By Koyal Wholesale.

buy here

Pretzel Garland

This pretzel banner is a great way to draw attention to the pretzel bar and makes a fun photo prop. By GlitterPaperScissor.

buy here

Vintage Metal Pretzel Sign

If your wedding reception has a little vintage flair, try this metal sign as a cute accent! By AOYEGO.

buy here

You can customize a sign for your wedding like this on acrylic with anything you’d like it to say. Some examples? Pretzel Bar, We Tied The Knot, Take a Pretzel, Please Take One, etc. Get yours made here from ZCreateDesign.

buy here

Pretzel Favor Bags

If you want guests to take a pretzel home as a favor, offer these charming pretzel favor bags. Customize them with your names and wedding date for a fun take-home favor your guests will enjoy. These bags are by ForYourParty:

buy here

And these next two are by Mavora Art + Design.

buy here

buy here

And last but not least, would a pretzel post be complete without a nod to our favorite pretzel lover? As Stanley Hudson might say…


So, what do you think of the whole pretzel wall wedding trend? Are you on board or do you prefer other treat walls? Tell us your thoughts in the comment box below, along with any pretzel questions you may have. I’m sure I may have missed something here, or can elaborate more on one of these points.

Happy Pretzel Bar Planning! Sounds fun to me!


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