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20 Rustic Wedding Boots for Country-Loving Brides

by Emma Arendoski
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Are you looking for wedding boots for bride / bridesmaids to wear? Planning a fun rustic wedding? Wear boots… you’ll find the prettiest pairs here! But hurry up and subscribe or you’ll miss out!

rustic wedding boots for the bride

by lane boots

Are you a country-lovin’ bride? Do you envision wearing wedding boots down the aisle and kickin’ your heels to the curb?

Do you prefer a nice leather pair of Lane boots or maybe even a pair of wedding boots with a square toe (they’re very “in” right now)?

If you said yes to any of the following, you’ve come to the right place!

Emma here and I’m a total country girl at heart. Well, sort of — I dig the modern city scene and all of its amenities, yet I do adore being nestled in my tiny historic village, brimming with rustic charm. Where I live, it’s the best of both worlds: we’re in a rustic town, yet close enough to “city” life.

If I want to head downtown to check out a coffee shop or cute storefronts with antiques and farmhouse-inspired charm (think: Fixer Upper Joanna Gaines Style x Stars Hollow of Gilmore Girls and you have it), a trusty ol’ pair of cowgirl boots are perfect.

So, on my quest for what boots I would wear, I fell in love with ALL OF THE PAIRS. As it turns out, these cowgirl boots are all pretty perfect for the bride to wear down the aisle. And why buy or wear high heels when you have zero intentions of wearing them again? Worst yet, why wear heels outdoors on grass and mud, or in a barn?

So here’s what we say: go rustic! Cowgirl boots for the bride are a fun alternative to traditional bridal shoes and can be worn long after the wedding. But you already knew that… this isn’t your first rodeo, especially if you’re shopping for rustic wedding boots. ;)

In this post, you’ll find twenty pairs of the best wedding cowgirl boots cheap (+ some not so cheap, but you’ll be the judge of that!) in a variety of leather colors and styles, designs, patterns, and more.

We’ve found wedding boots square toe styled, pointed toe, heeled, flat, booties, and so much more.

This is THE round-up of rustic wedding boots to end all round-ups. I said what I said. ;)

Let’s get to it!

Wedding Boots for Bride

1. Women’s Classic Cowboy Boot

I’ll just kick off this list of cowgirl wedding boots by stating the obvious: Lane Boots are the best! This pair — shown here in classic brown — is a fan favorite. They’re handmade and offer style and comfort, whether you’re corraling horses or, ya know, walking down the aisle in your gorgeous gown. :)

rustic wedding boots

shop here

2. White Leather Boots

This is the same style as above but in grayish-white.

rustic wedding boots

shop here

You can get ’em here.

3. Wedding Boots with Something Blue Sole

These gorgeous brown boots are beautifully-made and offer a pop of bright blue teal on the heel. Something Blue, perhaps? :)

shop here

Buy them here.

4. Distressed Leather Boots with Something Blue, $197.95

This pair of boots has a great mix of distressed leather and burnished leather uppers for the pair of worn-in, rustic wedding boots you’ve always dreamed of. And what do we see… a little pop of “something blue” on the outside! :)

shop here

5. Modern Western Cowboy Boot with Stacked Heel

I find stacked heels very easy to walk in; they’re comfortable, yet give you that added height you may be looking for (these have a 1.75″ heel). This is the perfect pair of cowgirl boots for the bride who wants a little rustic mixed with a little modern.

buy here

6. Short Booties for the Bride

I love these so much! Get a pair of these wedding booties in brown or distressed midnight blue. I have a pair of these and they. are. amazing. Totally comfortable, right out of the box! Shop this look.

shop here

See them in distressed midnight blue:

shop here

7. Studded Tall Rustic Boots

Get these and they’ll become your new favorite rustic wedding boots. Shown in brown… and again in light blue! I like the square toe, too.

shop here

shop here

9. Tall Stitched Brown Rustic Boots

These booties are perfect for the desert or in the woods, farm, or barn; I enjoy the unique rugged antiqued lines.

buy here

10. Rustic Wedding Boots in Cream

These are amazing wedding boots with a cream color, scalloping, and luxury details. And oooh, that teal pop of color on the sole! Love that. Named “Cobra”.

buy here

buy here

11. Book Look-alike Mules

They look like rustic boots, but they’re a mule. Cute alternative with a stacked heel and a buckle. See it here.

shop here

12. Braided Brown Short Boots

These gorgeous shorties are perfect boots for the bride. I love ’em in brown with the intricate braiding on the sides. Named “Emma”.

buy here

11. White Rustic Wedding Boots

Looking for white boots for your wedding? This pair will do! The fringe and the hearts are perfect accents. Named “Spirit Animal Shortie”.

buy here

12. Distressed Leather with Vintage Accents

These adorable bridal boots feature perfect leather braiding. This pair has a rounded toe and slightly over 2″ heel height.

buy here

13. Grey Leather Boots

The pair above, but in distressed grey.

buy here

14. Metallic Champagne Boots

Get this pair with a classic silhouette, a tall height, and a side zipper. I admire the shiny champagne metallic finish — ideal for the bride!

buy here

15. Embroidered Wedding Boots

Oooh, these are beautiful embroidered boots! Get them here.

shop here

16. Turquoise Boots with Fringe

Wow, these are quite the lookers! Wear these down the aisle at your wedding and rock that fringe!

shop here

shop here

17. Distressed Floral Design Boots

Ah, this gorgeous pair will go from aisle-walk to downtown walks! Get them here.

shop here

18. Deep Brown Leather

Get this pair here.

shop here

19. Black Rustic Wedding Boots

These are beautiful pairs of boots for the bride! Get them at a great price here.

via here

20. Modern Caramel Leather Boots

I admire the cut-out designs on these charming boots, perfect for your rustic wedding.

buy here

Wedding Boot Tips for Brides + Bridesmaids

Here are two helpful tips before wearing cowgirl boots as the bride or bridesmaid.

Make sure to “wear them in”

We’re not saying go get ’em all muddy, but you should definitely wear your wedding boots around and get them “worn in” a bit. Boots take a while to get molded to your feet and they get even more comfortable with wear; you can speed this up prior to the big day by using these shoe trees (technically “boot trees”), which are specifically made for cowboy boots.

This is a great pair that everyone seems to love by FootFitter and is available here.

via here

Pair wedding bridesmaid boots with the right dress

You can pick these bridesmaid dresses here — they’re perfect for a western-themed wedding and look A-MAZING with bridesmaid boots! Plus, the price is affordable from $39.99 to $69.99 (and yet, awesomely positive reviews!) Win-win-win. See a ton of colors here!

by faxpox

And there you have it: the best wedding boots for rustic brides! Which pair is your favorite? Are you a bride wearing boots? Tell us all about ’em! We love the look!

Want to see more boots? Click here to shop!

Happy Planning (+ Boot Shopping!)


P.S. Hey! You might also like these boot shot glasses for your bridesmaids, they’re quite popular for bachelorette parties right now!

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