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18 Funny Wedding Toppers That’ll Make You Smile

by Emma Arendoski

Your wedding doesn’t have to be so traditional. It’s OK to have fun with it, especially when it comes to the little details like cake toppers and wedding favors. Today we’re talking about funny wedding toppers, the kind that show your humorous side, letting your guests know you don’t take yourselves too seriously. These funny cake toppers are designed for the fun couples in mind.

1. The Pinch Cake Topper, $39.95

This is one of my favorites, simply because it always gets a laugh. From the front, this figurine cake topper looks just like anything you’ve seen before…

via here

… but from the back, an affectionate pinch!

via here

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

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2. Married AF Cake Topper, $9.99

Inappropriate? A bit, but one of the popular funny wedding cake toppers in this list. People love its simplicity! By Helewick.

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3. Bride Dragging Football-Obsessed Groom, $87.99+

If he’s a football fan, he’ll love this one! Customize the figurines to look like you and coordinate the football fandom to match his favorite team. By MikeG1968.

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4. Forever Eva Cake Topper, $13.50

“Forever? Forever eva?” Love this funny topper by BlushwoodCo.

5. Till Death Do Us Part, $35

Great for Halloween weddings! Pairs perfectly with this jacket. By CakeTopperBliss.

6. Bride Dragging Groom Cake Topper (Star Wars Theme), $79+

The bride drags the groom, light-saber tucked under her arm. Love this for Star Wars fans! By Stellar Toppers.

customized wine glasses

7. Bride Grabbing the Mechanic Groom, $73+

This is the funny cake topper for a mechanic! By mikeg1968.

8. Mutual Weirdness Forever, $11.80

OMG, let’s just appreciate 1) how cute this is, and 2) how beautiful it looks on this CAKE! By caketothetop.


9. All the Pets, $18+

This is a funny cake topper because it represents how your pets are always right there with you. :) By CakeTopperDesigner.

10. We Swiped Right, $16+

By BlushwoodCo.

11. Finally, $18+

About time! By SouthernEverAfter.

12. Gone Fishing, $68

This dock and everything is amazing! By SugarPlumCottage.

13. S%^$ Just Got Real, $24

By WanderingWoodsDesign.

14. Superhero Figurine Cake Toppers, $100+

Your likeness turned into these bobbleheads / cake toppers! Many designs available. By Uniqueminime.

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15. Yasss!, $22.95

By InkedIcing.

16. He’s Her Lobster Cake Topper, $13.50

Great for Friends fans! By CSAcreative.

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17. Hiking Cake Topper, $140+

Adorable, actually! We put this in with the funny wedding cake toppers because it’s non-traditional and oh-so-fun! I love these custom figurines. By Lucystoppers.

18. Stormtrooper Cake Topper, $140+

Another fun topper by Lucy’s Toppers.

19. I Choose You Pokemon Cake Topper, $35

By CakeTopperBliss.

20. Dinosaur Cake Topper, $66

Rawr! By WMCoutureDesigns.

21. She’s His Pam / He’s Her Jim Topper, $12.50

For fans of The Office! By MandyMakesItShop.

Happy Planning!


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