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Wedding Party Communication Made Simple

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, lovelies! Emma here and today we’re talking about wedding party communication. Why is it so hard to keep in touch with your entire bridal party without driving them crazy? If getting your bridesmaids together in one space may seem impossible (or it actually is, due to where everyone lives), you’ll want a reliable place to send messages back and forth in one convenient spot. When we were chatting with Stacy, a bride getting married next August, she wanted to know the best way to communicate with wedding party members online. Facebook? Email? Text messages? Then it dawned on us: everyone has been using these as fall-backs when there really needs to be an easier way. And now, there is…

Facebook groups, email chains, and text messages can seem like an aggravating solution to a simple problem. Furthermore, who really wants to be stuck in an endless group text?

When you need to get in touch with bridesmaids and groomsmen to talk about dress or tuxedo fittings, send an update to the wedding day itinerary, or provide the address for the rehearsal dinner, Guestboard is the only solution you need! Guestboard is the effortless platform for wedding party communication and wedding guest correspondence! That’s right: your guests can get in on the fun, too, sharing excitement and adding their song requests, while keeping tabs on ceremony and reception locations or unexpected edits to the itinerary. And just in case you wondered — yes, the bridesmaid and groomsmen chat is all kept in a completely private section.

wedding party communication made simple

Wedding Party Communication Made Simple

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Guestboard is a temporary wedding communication platform. It keeps your guests informed, engaged, and organized about the happenings of your wedding day all in one convenient space.

guestboard wedding party guestboard

Engage Guests Before the Big Day

As a guest, see who else is attending and easily post questions about wedding details or things to do nearby – allowing other guests to answer and contribute (instead of inconveniencing the bride/groom). Share information about flight/hotel deals, and coordinate rental cars or rideshares to lower costs. Going to multiple weddings? Keep track of all of them in Guestboard’s convenient dashboard.

wedding party communication made simple

Make Wedding Party Communication Simple

There’s more to wedding planning than just “the big day”. Bridal showers, dress shopping, bachelor parties and more. Put an end to the endless email chains and group chats, and let Guestboard be your centralized wedding messenger platform. As an engaged couple, connect with your bridesmaids and groomsmen in private channels, and see what your guests are curious or excited about! Last minute update? Reach your entire guest list quickly with simple announcements.

wedding party communication made simple

Guestboard is in development and there is a waitlist available for couples to start trying it out in late January. There will be a one-time fee for Guestboard in the future, but if you sign up for the waitlist you can try it out FREE OF CHARGE here and send helpful feedback to the team at Guestboard for updates you think they should add.

Try Guestboard for FREE

Sign up for the waitlist today so you can try Guestboard free of charge beginning in January. Limited time only: waitlist spaces are limited, so sign up now!

Happy Planning!

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Guestboard.

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