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14 Best Gifts to Give Bridesmaids When Asking Them

by Emma Arendoski

Are you wondering what to give bridesmaids when asking to be in your wedding? What do you get bridesmaids when asking if they’ll be a special part of your day? We’ll tell you with the most creative bridesmaid ask gifts this year, kicking off the list with bubbly — who doesn’t love bubbly?! Read on for the ultimate guide + join the list for the latest wedding fun to your inbox!

You’re engaged! *pops bottles of champagne and throws confetti that gets stuck in your hair, but you don’t mind*

You’re rocking that ring like it was meant to be on your finger your whole life.

You’re even sipping from that ring finger mug, because that’s how you roll.

You picked out a date, you’re pretty set on the venue, and you’re eager to assemble your squad. It’s time to ask bridesmaids to be in your wedding but you’re not sure how. And you’re probably wondering, what do I give bridesmaids to ask them?

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Um, this card? AMAZING for asking bridesmaids! By GoldenHRGraphics.

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Sure, there are countless bridesmaid ask gifts you’ve pinned, or elaborate be my bridesmaid brunches you’ve seen on your social media feeds. But what YOU really want to know is what to give bridesmaids when asking.

We’re here to help! We’ve done all the digging and I’ve even put myself in the position of the Bride-To-Be, and then in the bridesmaid’s role, so I can see the gift from two points of view. On one hand, you want to give bridesmaid gifts to ask them that are useful and thoughtful, but you also don’t want it to mimic or rival the “thank you” bridesmaid presents you’ll be giving on the wedding day itself.

On the other hand, as the bridesmaid, you would love to receive a gift when the bride is asking to be in her wedding, but you don’t really require a gift. It’s an honor enough to be asked, amiright?!

And this list we made of the bridesmaid gifts to ask them checks off all the boxes. These proposal gifts are not too big, not too small, they don’t cost too much, but they aren’t super-cheap and flimsy, either. :)

Ooh, found another great card: “he’s marrying me but he’s stuck with us!” Amazing. By Rustic and Ruffly.

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Phew, it was a lot of work wearing so many hats, but I look good in hats so it works! ;)

Just kidding. I wish! I just finished watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with Andrew (yes, isn’t he such a good husband to watch all 3 seasons, even re-watching the episodes when I fell asleep?!) and I am so envious of her HATS! I wish hats were a real thing again, you guys, for women and men! And make dressing up a thing again! #rantover If you haven’t watched the show yet, though, get on board. It’s so funny.

So, let’s rock this list with perfect bridesmaid ask gifts to pop the question! It’ll help you cross off that crazy bullet-point on your checklist of what to give bridesmaids when asking them to be in your wedding… and you’ll be able to assemble that awesome squad of yours. :) Enjoy!

customized wine glasses

What to Give Bridesmaids When Asking

A few years ago, words were all it took when asking bridesmaids to be in your wedding. True story. Can you believe it?! Ha! I kid. That’s still a totally legitimate way to ask bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding.

But, then social media came along and everyone was one-upping everyone else and then we realized that… you know what, it is fun to give bridesmaid ask gifts ahead of your wedding, so we ran with it.

And bridesmaids everywhere also find it really charming to receive a small gift as a way to invite them to be in their wedding. It’s a lot of fun and just adds to the festivities to give a gift!

Of course, follow these three tips before deciding what to give bridesmaids when asking.


3 Mistakes to Avoid When Giving Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

Don’t Overspend.

Aim to spend no more than $30-ish each on bridesmaid gifts to ask them. You can even aim for $20 to $10 and under. This is very important here: it’s not about the price of the gift that matters, it is the gesture and the question behind it.

Now is not the time to spoil bridesmaids just yet (you can do plenty of that later!)

Don’t Over Think It.

I know it can be easy to get caught in the weeds here, over-analyzing which gifts to give bridesmaids when asking. But don’t do it to yourself. Now is not the time to stress over details, especially because this whole be my bridesmaid gift thing is supposed to be fun. So, relax! Pick the first gifts that catch your eye, the gifts that really make you excited to ask your bridesmaids.

Make It Personal.

And last but not least, don’t forget to make your bridesmaid gifts to give when asking as personal as possible. This means choose something that reminds you of her: a favorite color, flower, her birthstone, a candle (if she likes candles), a pair of slippers (if she likes to be cozy), a funny card, etc.

Here’s another one! Eek, loving these by RusticandRuffly.

buy here

And the best thing you can do when figuring out what to give bridesmaids when asking? Include a card WITH A HANDWRITTEN MESSAGE. That’s the icing on top!

Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

Okay, okay, on to the list! This gift guide is going to make your bridesmaids super excited to be in your bridal party and you’ll be the awesome bride behind these genius bridesmaid ask gifts. Enjoy!

1. Bridesmaid Champagne Proposal, $2+ for the labels

Oh, this is what I would have given bridesmaids to ask them to be in my wedding (if I knew about these then!) All you need to do is buy mini champagne bottles here and then apply these fun bridesmaid bubbly labels to the bottles. Add a ribbon and a colorful striped straw, if you’d like! By TheIvoryShoppe.

buy here

buy here

2. Personalized Bridesmaid Cosmetic Bags, $9.95 each

Fill this makeup bag with a few of her favorite things (like a tube of lipstick she loves, or her fave mascara, or a gift card to her favorite coffee shop). By XOXOKristen.

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Inside the bag, include a fun scratch-off card like this by InklingsPaperie asking her to be in your wedding. Done! :) And super-cute.

buy here

3. Bridesmaid Proposal Candle, $8

These tin candles are such a fun idea! They make it an easy bridesmaid gift when asking them to be a part of your wedding. Choose from over 10 delightful scents! By AriaBellaCandles.

Want to make it a bigger bridesmaid gift when asking? Choose the larger candle for $22, which is made with a wedding cake scent (YUM!) and includes a variety of labels — even a funny bridesmaid ask label. Love these!

buy here

Note: wondering if they have Maid of Honor ask gifts, too? They sure do! Check ’em out here.

4. Be My Bridesmaid Scrunchies, $5.24

Scrunchies are life. Everyone can use a new one, and these velvet scrunchies for bridesmaids are perfectly positioned on a personalized card. Affordable, too! By SymbolicImports.

buy here

5. Bridesmaid Hair Tie Proposals, $2+

Prefer hair ties? These bridesmaid hair tie proposals are adorable, too.

Hair ties are the cute kid-sister to the scrunchie, but also in a world all their own. Some people prefer colorful velvet scrunchies; others prefer bold stretchy hair ties. These hair tie bridesmaid ask gifts are by ShopThreeGirls.


buy here

And the colors and styles don’t stop there. I mean, leopard?! Love this one. From the same shop.

buy here

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6. Bridesmaid Proposal Balloons

Okay, this is a fun idea! Ask bridesmaids by giving them these balloons to pop! Inside, it will reveal a piece of paper with “will you be my bridesmaid” or “maid of honor”, etc. By OMGItsHappening.

buy here

7. Bridesmaid Proposal Bracelet, $8 (on sale)

This charming bracelet makes one of our favorite bridesmaid gifts for asking! It is a simple yet sweet bracelet and is packaged on a cute “I Couldn’t Say I Do Without You” card. By SwankyCrafts.

buy here

8. Help Me Tie The Knot Necklace, $11.69 (sale price)

Wow, an adorable gold knot necklace AND a charming gift box? This is one of my top picks for bridesmaid gifts to give when asking! Talk about the whole package! By EverlyGrayce.

buy here

9. Bridesmaid Ask Gifts in a Box, $34+

This is a deluxe gift for asking bridesmaids to be in your wedding! If you want to spoil them with bridesmaid ask gifts they’ll love, try these fun gift boxes for bridesmaid proposals by PaolaBrownShop. If you prefer no box and just the wine cup (personalized!), it’s only $17.50.

buy here

10. Personalized Bridesmaid Glasses, $11.95+

Personalized glassware is always a win when it comes to what to give bridesmaids when asking. They can use their special glasses now and throughout the entire wedding planning celebrations — including the day-of! By NaluPartyEssentials.

11. My Turn To Pop The Question Necklace, $11.24

This necklace and the personalized card is one of the best bridesmaid gifts to ask them: it is something she can wear daily, and is personalized and made especially for her. By PetalandPaperie.

buy here

12. Bridesmaid Proposal Box, $30.58 for box pictured

If you like this, you’ll also love the upgraded bridesmaid ask gift box option. It includes everything you see in the image below. I love the way the box looks all assembled! Also by Petal and Paperie.

buy here

13. Donut Bridesmaid Proposal, $6.50

Who could say no to a donut?! This is the tastiest bridesmaid ask gifts of the year and all you need to do is assemble the box and put a fresh donut inside. By BlossomandBlissShop.

buy here

14. Be My Bridesmaid Socks, $7+

One of the coziest ways to ask bridesmaids to be in your wedding? SOCKS! And these grippy-bottom socks with ‘bridesmaid’, ‘maid of honor’, etc. are all the rage. They’re designed by the awesome BlissfulSocks and they’re a beloved gift to give or receive. Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of socks?! You can get them with a tag that states, “Will you be my bridesmaid” or “maid of honor”. Perfect.

buy here

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Bridesmaid Gifts to Ask Them

Ready to pop the question? Ready to get bridesmaid gifts to ask them?

If you like these bridesmaid ask gifts, you can shop using the links above. Just click on the name of the shop or link under the photo to find out more details / buy bridesmaid ask gifts. They’re all from handmade artists, so you’re also shopping small + supporting independent artists (yay!) And that’s a win-win for everyone. :)

What do you think of these Bridesmaid Ask Gifts? Which one(s) are you planning to use when asking bridesmaids? How are you asking bridesmaids to be in your wedding? Tell us in the comment box, we love hearing from you guys!


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