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Awesome Idea: Life Size Jenga — Over 4 ft Tall!

by Emma Arendoski

It’s Friday, the sun is shining, and we bet you just can’t wait to kick off the weekend. So, what better way to do so than with a fun post about our favorite lawn game! Life size Jenga (also known as a Tumble Tower) is a fun way to pass the time between cocktail hour and dinner. This life size tumbling tower — a shockingly 4ft tall version of the tabletop wood block game — will be the topic of conversation because something this ridiculously awesome can’t help but make a statement. And, who doesn’t love Jenga? (I think Jenga is fun for all ages, except this version… which I bought and surprisingly hated it. It literally explodes at random intervals and you spend most of the time just re-stacking the darn thing.) Find out where you can buy this huge tumbling tower and take a peek at one in action!

lifesize jenga

photo: pictilio

Life Size Jenga: Where to Buy Yours

Want lifesize Jenga for your big day or your outdoor BBQ? You can make your own or save yourself the hassle and buy one here.

Life Size Jenga -- Over 4 ft Tall!

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What do you think of lifesize Jenga aka the giant tumble tower? Are you having lawn games at your wedding? Tell us with a comment below!


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