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Wedding Dresses with Roses? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski
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If you like the look of a wedding dress with roses covering the skirt or just the bodice, you’re in luck: bride-to-be Abby wrote us with this question. Read on for more + join the list for the latest!

Time for a new Ask Emmaline question! This came into our inbox last week from Abby who wants to know about the unique roses trend on wedding dresses right now. Perhaps you’ve seen rose embroidery wedding dresses on Pinterest or you’ve been browsing wedding dresses with roses on them from Etsy. We’ll tell you all about them right here so you’re in the know. :)

She writes,

“Emmaline, I’m looking for wedding dresses with roses on them. I saw them a while back online somewhere but I can’t remember where. They are long wedding dresses with roses detail on them, sort of 3-D. The one I remember was a wedding dress with rose petals cascading on the skirt. Do you have any idea where I can find wedding dresses with roses on them, or wedding gown with roses on skirt / the entire dress? I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.”

Wedding Dress with Roses

Hi, Abby! Thanks for writing! Interesting question: wedding dresses with roses on them. Prior to your email, I had only seen a handful of this wedding trend style on Etsy, known as floral wedding gowns or rose embroidery bridal gowns. Those were a slightly different style though, come to think of it, with more of an embroidery pattern in floral lace than an actual wedding gown with roses on skirt or bodice, as you described.

So, we did some digging. And oh my goodness, thanks for bringing this trend to our attention! This new style of wedding dresses with roses on them is more beautiful than I could imagine, and now we’re seeing them popping up everywhere. It goes to show you that although we stay apprised of new trends, this is one that is so new it’s barely out of the bubble wrap! ;)

We found a handful of rose wedding dresses to hopefully identify the dress that made you fall in love with this style. And if not, I’m pretty much guaranteeing you’ll find something on this list that is close enough because, honestly, they’re all pretty breathtaking.

Let’s take a look!

1. Wedding Dress with Pink Roses

This gorgeous wedding dress has small chiffon pink roses sewn onto it, completely hand-sewn and handmade. By designer IngaEzergaleDesign.

NOTE ABOUT SIZING: If you’re looking for a particular size, i.e. a rose wedding dress plus size or different than the size on a specific listing, contact Inga or provide your measurements when you order. I know it seems like some of the wedding dresses are pre-set with size; however, you just have to provide your own unique measurements upon your order, as each dress is custom-made in your size.

2. Wedding Dresses That Look Like Roses

While this isn’t exactly what you described, it is worth noting because it’s such a unique style: these wedding dresses look like roses! Available in a few different shades. Wow! I’ve never seen anything quite like this. By LamnhiBridals.

3. 3D Floral Wedding Dresses

We looked for additional wedding dresses that look this beautiful and found a few that were listed as 3D floral wedding dresses. This is a great alternative if you want a deep v-neck wedding dress with flowers on skirt that are white or ivory in color. They don’t stand out as bold with color, but it is still gorgeous! I like the style of this dress. By Willowby By Watters.

Available in standard or plus size here (note: it’s also currently on sale)


• Wedding Dresses with Roses on Them: Inga Ezergale Design

• 3D Floral Appliques: Lamnhi Bridals

• Wedding Dress with Floral Design: Watters

While browsing these dresses, we also found this roses wedding dress hanger. It is the finishing touch! Display your wedding dress here for your pre-wedding photos. By CottageVintageShabby.

Ok, Abby: how did we do? I hope we were able to find the wedding dress with roses detail you were thinking of… and if not, just let us know! We’ll keep looking for it! :)

Thanks for writing!

Happy Planning!


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