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Bridal Cuff Bracelets That’ll Wow You

by Emma Arendoski

Brides: there’s an emerging wedding trend you’ll want to know about… and once you do, you’ll want one! The newest wedding trend is the bridal cuff bracelet: the sparklier, the better! We’ve spotted some gorgeous cuff bracelets over at Cloe Noel to share with you today and we are having trouble deciding which one is prettiest. Can you help? Take a look at our hand-picked favorites and then share what YOU think of this trend!

topaz bridal cuff bracelets

Bridal Cuff Bracelets

First, what is a cuff bracelet? A cuff bracelet is a type of bracelet that is wide and adorned with different types of embellishments. For instance, we’ve spotted bridal cuff bracelets with rhinestones, gemstones, crystals, feathers, beading, pearls, and sequins, just to name a few. These particular bridal cuff bracelets — handmade by Cloe Noel — are completely one-of-a-kind and infused with vintage jewelry and rhinestone trimmings for that extra-special touch. Now you can have something new AND something old to wear down the aisle.

Bridal Cuff Bracelets That'll Wow You (by Cloe Noel)

Wear a cuff bracelet that is embellished in blue and you’ll have something old, something new, and something blue! Then all you need is to borrow your sister’s gorgeous pair of earrings, no?

something blue crystal bridal cuff bracelets

purple rhinestone bridal cuff bracelets

feather rhinestone bridal cuff bracelets

bridal cuff bracelets

crystal rhinestone bridal cuff bracelet

black and white bridal cuff bracelet

Told you they would WOW you. Now it’s time to grab one of your own. Head over to the shop to see the full collection!

Now it’s your turn: what do you think of bridal cuff bracelets?

Tell us with a comment below. We’d love to hear from you. Seriously. xo


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