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6 High Heel Disasters to Avoid

by Emma Arendoski

Brides: before you buy your wedding shoes, read this post! We’re sharing six high heel disasters to avoid along with helpful tips to keep shoe situations at bay. You may even want to pass this along to your MOH and bridesmaids so they don’t encounter any high heel disasters of their own. Plus, you could win a helpful accessory to keep your feet happy this holiday season + beyond! What is it? Read on to find out… (oh and P.S. you’ll love #5.)

6 High Heel Disasters to Avoid

6 High Heel Disasters to Avoid

The top six high heel disasters to avoid are as follows: not broken in, ill-fitting, blister-inducing, tired balls-of-feet, unable to walk like a normal human being, and falling into grass and/or a crack in the sidewalk. Here’s more about what we mean (+ how to avoid these common high heel disasters + horror stories).

1. Break ’em in.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

When you buy your wedding shoes, break them in. I can’t stress this enough because the number one problem with new shoes is the inevitable blister. Also, breaking them in ensures you can walk in them properly… and if they don’t feel right before the wedding, they certainly won’t feel right the day-of. Need help stretching them in? I use this and LOOOOVE it. Sidebar: I recently saw a woman walking out of Target wearing a pair of ill-fitting boots that were obviously too tight on her feet. You could see her grimacing with each. long. step. It looked extremely painful. Don’t do it to yourself.

2. Make sure they fit.

A “just-right” fit is essential: not too tight, not too loose. If your shoes are even a little loose, you’ll pull those poor foot muscles all day just to keep ’em on. Make up the extra space with these, which provide cushion and give your shoes a secure, tight fit.

3. Prevent blisters.

I bought a pair of cute wedges over the summer and proudly wore them everywhere I went on day one. See, I obviously skipped right over #1 and #2 because my heels KILLED all day. I had huge blisters and had to wear flip flops for the next three days because the rubbing on the back of my foot hurt so badly in any other shoe. Even if you follow the rules, a blister may happen: in that case, ALWAYS put one of these in your shoes. Now I swear by ’em.

4. Dance like no one’s watching.

It’s your wedding day, so you’ll probably want to be on the dance floor shaking your groove thing. It’s impossible to do if the balls of your feet hurt… and you’ll be so tired of dancing early on without these. Before I used them, I would dance an hour or two and the next day my feet would ache so much. Not anymore, though! I call ’em a total footsaver.

6 High Heel Disasters to Avoid

5. Don’t ever, ever do this.

If you forget to follow steps 1-4, you might look like this. Don’t look like this.

model walking in high heels fail

via buzzfeed

customized wine glasses

6. And, finally, don’t fall in a crack or sink into grass.

I saved this one for last because it is the #1 high heel disaster. When you’re walking down the aisle at your wedding, taking photographs at a nearby park, walking on grass (or any uneven surface), what happens to your heels? They fall in, break through the ground, or otherwise cause you to ALMOST trip. That’s never a good thing as the bride (or the MOH, or the bridesmaid, or the second cousin twice removed). Instead, try these ‘outdoor solutions’ by Solemates. You get a pack of heel protectors that go on the bottoms of your heels to protect them and make them even on outdoor terrain.

BONUS TIP: The Backup Plan

High heel disaster scenarios can happen to anyone, even if she follows steps 1-6. So, always be sure to carry a backup pair just in case. It can be a favorite pair of flats, a pair of cute bridal slippers, or another pair of beloved heels.


High Heel Disaster: S.O.S. Giveaway!

Now that you know what high heel disaster scenarios there are and how to avoid them, enter for a chance to win a stocking stuffer for yourself! We’ve teamed up with the folks at Solemates to offer one lucky reader an S.O.S. (Solemates Outdoor Solutions) Holiday Collection kit. It comes with a clear zip pouch, three pairs of clear heel savers (different sizes for different types of heels!) and a snowflake ornament. This is a one-day giveaway to ensure you receive the kit in time for the holidays. Enter by 12/17 at 3:00pm EST. One winner will be randomly selected and announced on our blog post on 12/17 as well as Twitter. Respond to winning email within 24 hours. We’ll ship the package to you right away. Shipping (FREE!) to the U.S. only. No purchase necessary. Prize value: $29.95. No cash value. ANYONE can enter for a chance to win – even if you’ve won a giveaway within the past thirty days. Good luck!

solemates sos kit - prevent high heels from sinking in - 6 High Heel Disasters to Avoid



Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, however there are some affiliate links above as a visual of products I recommend. As a general rule, Emmaline Bride only recommends products we love because we value our readers. Feel free to shop at Amazon or anywhere you prefer. Also, this is not a sponsored post by Solemates; they did, however, provide an S.O.S. kit to see if I liked the product enough to give one away. I do. Therefore, here it is. :)

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