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How to Monogram Your Wedding Veil

by Emma Arendoski

One of the details we love right now is a monogram veil. I saw it on Etsy one day at ABT Veils and instantly fell in love; a few questions came to mind like, how did I not know of this for my own wedding? How does she make these look so amazing? Can you monogram short veils or long-length veils?

And perhaps the biggest question you may be wondering yourself: can I make a monogram wedding veil myself?

monogram veil
via here, photo by simple orange photography

Monogram Wedding Veil

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Before we talk about the monogram part, let’s talk making your own veil.

Here’s the thing about veils: of course you CAN make your own, but if you’re going for a professional look, your best bet is to have a veil designed for you by a pro.

A veil is something I wouldn’t take a chance with, similarly to your wedding dress… your hair and makeup… the cake… There are simply some things that are best suited for a professional, especially on your wedding day (to save you the stress alone!)

I did a quick search online and realized you can buy appliques to make your own monogram veil, but none of them looked very pretty.

A lot of them looked like the type of monogram you might add to a bachelorette shirt or a tote bag. If you pay a lot more, you can find a quality monogram… but here’s the catch: unless you’re willing to risk snagging your veil or getting your machine caught in it, adding your own monogram is really not as easy as its cracked up to be.

So, here’s the next best thing: get your monogrammed bridal veil done by Arlene! She’s awesome to work with and her veils are timeless. She can add your beloved monogram to any length of veil you can imagine: short, long, even suuuuuuuuper long (aka a Cathedral Length veil, à la Meghan Markle).

So, anyway, back to the monogram: here’s how it works.

The first letter is your first initial, the letter on the right is your middle name, and the center is the letter of your new last name (if changing it, or same last name, if you’re keeping it).

monogram wedding veil

You can add a monogram to an existing veil, or have a completely brand-new veil made just for you with your monogram embroidered on it.

customized wine glasses

monogram wedding veil

Plus, you can have your monogram made sparkly with crystals, as shown here:

monogram veil

Monogram Veil

You can shop these veils in Arlene’s shop here or at ABTVeils.com.


Happy Planning!


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