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Tiny Personalized Rings for Bridesmaids — #HANDMADEADAY

by Emma Arendoski
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These teeny-tiny personalized stacked rings make the cutest gifts for your girls! You can customize each ring with her name, nickname, date, word or phrase, etc. She’ll love to pair it with other rings for a daily stacked look. We’ve picked these rings by Silvermore as today’s #HANDMADEADAY find! Oh and P.S. the price is incredible! Take a look…

Tiny Personalized Rings

Tiny Personalized Rings | by Silvermore

by silver more

by silver more

tiny stacked rings with personalization for bridesmaids by silvermore

by silver more

You can find out more about these rings or buy yours here.

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There’s more coming up next! Stay tuned :)


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