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This Bridesmaid Dress Can Be Worn 15 Different Ways

by Emma Arendoski
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Okay, so a few months or so ago I started looking for a dress to wear to an event coming up. Truth be told, I looked for pretty much everything and couldn’t decide on what kind of neckline looked best.

Halter? Nah.

Strapless? Uh-uh.

One-shoulder? Okay, but… I’m not sure.

And then it hit me. Pick a dress you can wear multiple ways! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.

A convertible maxi dress is one dress you can wear a multitude of ways — halter, strapless, one-shoulder, etc. — but all rolled into one dress. This is often referred to as a bridesmaid multiway dress or a bridesmaid convertible dress.

I am about as demanding as you can get when it comes to dresses and I really love to maximize one outfit and wear it a bajillion different ways.

So when I was browsing (ok, adding stuff to my cart en masse, only to dream about it and leave it for later) over at BHLDN, a huge “BACK IN STOCK” button popped up and I knew it was a sign.

I’ve been going crazy over their “Ginger” convertible maxi dress ever since it was released a little while back. The colors are insanely beautiful and it’s really nice to see two sizing options. It’s made by a company called twobirds and I’m in love with this dress material. It looks so silky and smooth.

There are seven colors to choose from but my favorite is Bordeaux. Not just because I love wine, but because it’s a rich and elegant color.

bridesmaid dress worn multiple ways

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But it doesn’t stop there. You don’t wear this dress one way, or two ways.

This isn’t a convertible dress you wear four or five ways.

This is the bridesmaid dress you wear up to FIFTEEN different ways.

I know! Crazy, isn’t it?!

When is the last time you heard of a bridesmaid dress worn multiple ways… fifteen different ways?!

bridesmaid dress worn multiple ways

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bridesmaid dress worn multiple ways

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My color is def. bordeaux, but you might have a different fave. Dusty blue, perhaps?

bridesmaid dress worn multiple ways

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bridesmaid dress worn multiple ways

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Maybe emerald green? Who am I kidding, I want one in every color.

bridesmaid dress worn multiple ways

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So, why am I telling you all about this maxi dress? It’s not just because I finally found a dress that really works for me; and I know it will work for your bridesmaids, too. Here’s why.

Bridesmaid Dress Worn Multiple Ways

Here’s why one bridesmaid dress worn multiple ways makes total sense, especially because she’ll actually wear it again (yay!)

1. A multiway dress can be worn FIFTEEN different ways.

If you’re a cool bride trying to let bridesmaids pick a dress they love in a color you choose for a “mismatched” look, that’s great. But instead of going nuts trying to figure out different dresses in a somewhat similar shade, go with a multiway dress instead.

A convertible maxi dress like this one can be worn fifteen different ways, so each bridesmaid can pick her favorite style to accentuate her favorite features.

No two bridesmaids are the same, so putting them all in one style is not the easiest thing in the world. Save yourself a huge hassle and go with a multiway dress instead.

2. A multiway dress is easy to configure.

Yeah, that’s what I thought right off the bat. Cool, but there’s no way I could figure out how to wear this thing fifteen different ways. Luckily, there’s a helpful guide to help and it’s really easy to tie these cool styles and switch from a halter to a one-shoulder, to strapless, and back again.

My favorite might be the halter bow style. What do you think?

3. Bridesmaids will actually wear a convertible dress again!

Some dresses claim to be “easy to wear again”. The colors are “so neutral you can definitely wear again and again”. I’ve heard it all and I’ve worn it all and, let’s be real.

A convertible maxi multiway dress is probably the ONLY dress (other than a Little Black Dress, obviously) that will be worn again WITHOUT feeling like you’re simply re-wearing a bridesmaid dress.

I mean, to be honest, would wear this dress to all kinds of formal events, so it’s definitely not “just a bridesmaid dress”.

bridesmaid dress worn multiple ways

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If I was a bride considering this for my bridal party, I’d definitely take advantage of the swatches. You can get a swatch of each dress style (or just the ones you like) sent to your door with free shipping.

You can order swatches here.

GOOD-TO-KNOW TIP: You should always have a swatch of bridesmaid dresses to use against other decorations when tying in a particular color. For example, a dress swatch will help when coordinating with the groomsmen for tux or suit rentals; in addition, you can figure out what color shoes would look best as well as jewelry tone or metal, all from a sweet little swatch slipped inside your wedding planning book.

4. This multiway dress has GREAT reviews.

I’m a total review girl, so I read tons and tons of reviews before I buy anything. One recent customer even said she wore it as a wedding guest and never received so many compliments.

That’s what I’m talking about!

Another called this multiway dress “absolutely amazing”.

5. Convertible / multiway dresses are easy to size + maternity friendly!

OH! And if you have any bridesmaids in your bridal party who are expecting, this multiway dress is totally maternity friendly. And no more guessing on sizes; there’s only two sizes to choose from (A and B). You can see the sizing guide here.

You can find out for yourself! Read about it / browse / start imagining how great you’ll look by starting here. Pick a color, check out their multiway dress guide, and see how easy it is to create your own unique look, many different ways.

AND if you get bored with one style, just move on to another! I don’t think a bridesmaid will ever complain when she gets to wear a dress with fifteen multiway dress options.

Buy Bridesmaid Convertible Dresses Here!

Go + get it! It’s available by twobirds here.


Happy Planning + Dress Shopping + Then Shoe Shopping!


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P.S.S. Oh and here’s some more bridesmaid dress-piration, just in case!

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