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Does The Ring Bearer Carry Fake Rings or Real Rings?

by Emma Arendoski
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Does the ring bearer carry the real rings… or The ring bearer carries fake rings? We’ll tell you! Read on for an interesting tip you’ll be happy to have read before your ceremony.

What is the biggest mistake couples make at their ceremony? It’s an easy one to forget to do, yet it is one of the simplest things to take care of just a few minutes before the ceremony to avoid disaster.

Now, keep in mind, I’ve attended many weddings (and planned them from start-to-finish, too), so take it from someone who knows. This isn’t the biggest deal if it happened to you, but it is certainly one of the biggest wedding mistakes couples make at their ceremony and it has to do with the rings.

Yup, the rings.

Instead of placing your wedding rings on a ring box, tying them to ribbons on a ring pillow, or placing them inside a dish, don’t.

Yep, don’t put the real rings ANYWHERE except the Best Man’s pocket.

by the artsy hippie

Does the ring bearer carry real rings?

No. The ring bearer carries fake rings.

Yes, you’ll surprisingly be using decoy rings for the ring bearer to carry down the aisle. The Best Man should hold onto the REAL rings in his pocket.

Here’s why: the ring bearer will undoubtedly drop the rings. They’ll slide off the pillow. They’ll fall into the grass. The rings will get tied too tightly to the ring pillow, or get jammed inside the ring box. Rings, so delicate, are hard to get from one side of the aisle to the other, especially if the little guy is young and this is his first time being a part of the wedding with such an important role.

That’s a lot of pressure!

Then, when it is time to exchange vows, the rings are unable to be retrieved quickly.


If you use fake rings, they can fall into the sand or grass. No problem! The Best Man will already have the real rings in his pocket, so disaster averted.

No tears from the ring bearer. No sobbing down the aisle. No digging around in grass or sand, leaves or dirt for the rings, trying to wipe them clean in time for the exchange of vows.

by ideawoodcompany

See? It’s not tough to do and boom, disaster averted.

Here are fake rings you can use that look like the real deal, but honestly, no one is getting a close enough look so who will know the difference?!

Here are decoy rings for the bride; give this silicone band for the groom. As a bonus, he can use it when he’s working out, traveling, swimming, etc. We covered the benefits of silicone wedding bands in greater detail here.

Hope it helps as you plan your wedding ceremony. :)

Happy Planning!


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