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Cute Idea → Personalized “Our Love Story” Sign

by Emma Arendoski

by the craft and cupboard

I love to discover new and creative ways to personalize your wedding space. One of my favorite ideas is to include a small table at your reception with a few must-haves: a guest book, a card box, a photo collage, and an “Our Love Story” chalkboard, which divulges important dates as a couple (i.e. first date, first kiss, proposal, etc.) to guests. One charming example of this comes to us from The Craft and Cupboard, who has created a charming decor setup which pulls the pieces together with beauty and ease. See how it’s done…

Love Story Sign / Chalkboard

Instead of having so many separate tables for your guest book and card sign, create one setup, like this, to include the following: 1) a sign to welcome guests (can also include your Instagram hashtag for users to upload photos), 2) a “love story” sign or chalkboard to illustrate big moments in your courtship, 3) a guest book, with plenty of elbow room for guests to write (and plenty of pens), 4) a card box (or in this case, a box to hold wedding advice cards — or madlibs — and pencils), and 5) chic decor, which will attract guests to your table.

by the craft and cupboard

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

by the craft and cupboard

by the craft and cupboard

Find out more abut the our love story chalkboard sign along with the corresponding pieces here.


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