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You’ll Love This Emerald Engagement Ring

by Emma Arendoski

Ah, emerald: my favorite gemstone! I was chatting with my son about gemstones (he thinks it is cool our dog is named Ruby and says we should add a, “Sapphire” or “Topaz” to the mix, meaning he wants to add dogs to the fam) and he likes the emerald color as much as I do!

I know, I’m supposed to like Peridot because it is my birthstone… but when you’re picking out an engagement ring, you shouldn’t pick out a particular stone just because it was chosen as your birthstone. You have no control over that! Instead, it should be any gemstone that you L O V E and want to look at all the time.

gemstone engagement rings

You don’t have to pick a particular gemstone just because it is the birthstone and represents when you were born.

There, I said it!

Peridot is pretty, but just because I was born in August doesn’t mean I have to pick only peridot jewelry. I happen to love emerald, garnet, and amethyst. There are so many pretty options out there!

• If you love garnet, go for it!

• Prefer blue sapphire? Do it!

• Want to wear a bling-worthy emerald ring with gold? I hear you!

emerald engagement ring

I adore the deep green of an emerald: the way it shimmers, how it looks paired with a gold band, and how it works perfectly as a non-traditional engagement ring.

If you’re looking for a non-diamond ring, think outside the classic diamond and opt for a birthstone engagement ring instead. You can go large on the gemstone and really show it off, like this handmade emerald ring with gold band spotted at Gili Mor. I’m just going to go ahead and say this: I’ve never seen a prettier emerald ring than this one!

Emerald Ring with Gold Band

This beautiful green emerald is from Zambia and is set in a shiny finish bezel setting. The band is created with 14k yellow gold and has a 2.4 mm width; it is finished in matte and features a flat band. This is a bezel setting — one of my favorites! — and is resizable free of charge to fit your size. Made in the USA + ready to ship!

emerald engagement ring

emerald engagement ring

If you prefer a small oval version, check out this stunner: it is a solitaire oval-shape emerald ring with gold band.

You can browse jewelry like this or buy your own handmade emerald ring at Gili Mor Jewelry or in their Etsy shop.

Happy Planning!


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