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Where to Get a Wedding Braid Cross? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

Wondering where to buy wedding braid crosses, also known as the cord of three strands? We found where to buy a cord of three strands for your wedding in our latest wedding advice question. Be sure to subscribe for the latest to your inbox.

wedding unity braid cross

by l6customwoodworking

Do you want to add a unique touch to your ceremony? That’s easy: include a wedding braid cross at the altar as your unity ceremony! We received a recent Ask Emmaline question from bride-to-be, Sophie, who writes:

“Hi Emmaline Bride, I’m writing to see if you can help me with where to buy a wedding braid cross. I want to do the cord of three strands unity ceremony at my wedding but I don’t know how to do about it. How does this unity ceremony work and where can I buy a wedding braid cross? Many thanks!”

Hi Sophie! Great question and I was wondering some of these very same questions myself. Although most people talk about the traditional unity ceremonies — candles, sand, wine, etc. — there isn’t as much information readily available about the wedding braid cross, so we did some digging.

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This idea is quickly gaining popularity and is becoming a huge trend for weddings. Here is everything you need to know about a cord of three strands, what it means, how it works, and where to get a wedding braid cross for your ceremony. Enjoy!

What is a Wedding Braid Cross?

A wedding braid cross is a cross constructed of rope that is tied together; the rope is comprised of three strands, and the entire cross is mounted onto a wood sign. We spotted this wedding braid cross at L6CustomWoodworking, where Eric and Julie are the experts in making a cord of three strands for couples. This is so sturdy, so custom, and so beautifully-made. I just love it (and really, reallllllly wish I knew of this before I got married!)

via l6customwoodworking

How to Tie a Wedding Braid Cross

Here’s how a wedding cross or unity braid cross works. It’s easy, really!

At the ceremony, during a portion named a ‘unity ceremony’ and, in this case, a Unity Braid Ceremony, the couple braids the rope strands to form a cross from top to bottom, tying a knot on the end.

wedding braid cross

cord of three strands

wedding cord of three strands

wedding unity braid cross

Cord of Three Strands Meaning

What is the meaning behind a cord of three strands? Simply put: unity.

The knot is then hooked to the fourth metal nail so it stays put and, just like that, is never broken.

customized wine glasses

The three strands braided together symbolizes joining of three: you, your partner, and God. A wedding braid cross is commonly referred to as “God’s Knot” and is a truly memorable way to symbolize your unbreakable bond.

Who Buys a Unity Cross for Weddings?

Typically, a couple purchases a unity cross if they wish to include it as a part of the ceremony. The couple would then discuss with the officiant to include the cord of three strands within the order of events as the unity ceremony.

When Do You Do the Actual Tying of the Strands?

During your unity ceremony, which takes place during your wedding ceremony. This is traditionally done following the “Exchange of Rings” on your ceremony program. Here is a ceremony programs with unity ceremony included to give you an example. This one says, “Candle Lighting”; you could easily edit yours here to read, “Unity Cross Tying”.

by lea delaveris


The officiant will give you a few moments to tie the strands together and then return to the altar or arch where the remainder of the ceremony will continue. Don’t rush the unity portion; typically, a little music will play during this and it is a memorable time when it is just you and your partner together. Enjoy it. Soak it in! You’ll have plenty of time to return back to your ceremony proceedings to complete the rest. :)

Where To Display Your Unity Cross

You can display your cross of three strands on an easel or leaning it up against a sturdy wall near the altar. You can see some examples here of a real wedding ceremony to see where yours will be placed.

Typically, you can use an easel at your ceremony or reception space; most venues have one you can use for free or rent for a small fee.

If you need an easel and they do not offer one, you can get one here that holds a decent amount of weight. Or opt for this easel which is more lightweight (and a lot cheaper).

Either way, make sure to tie your cross of three strands carefully and don’t pull too hard so it doesn’t fall over. :)

After the ceremony, it is a nice idea to place your wedding braid cross on your entry table, which will add to your decor and invite guests to take a closer look at it. And then, of course, after the wedding, you can display it on a wall at home as a memento and always remember how strong your marriage really is.

Now that you know who, what, when, where, and how, are you ready to add it to your wedding day plans?

I wish I did. I really love this idea and know we would like this beautiful artwork displayed at home, too!

Where to Buy a Wedding Braid Cross

Want to buy a wedding braid cross for your ceremony? Buy here on Etsy.

Happy Planning!


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