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5 Perfect Tips for Engagements on Valentine’s Day

by Emma Arendoski

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means: proposals! But how should you ask? Where should you put the ring? What are you forgetting to do? We’ll tell you five key proposal tips for engagements on Valentine’s Day so it goes off without a hitch…

Perfect Engagements – Valentines Day Proposal Tips

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Here’s what you will need:

1. The Ring

This one’s totally obvious, but you’ll need to have the engagement ring ready. The engagement ring you select should reflect her personal style. If needed, ask a sister or best friend to come along to pick out the ring, so they can tell you whether they think your future missus will love it. By the time you ask, though, you probably know her style pretty well — so feel free to fly solo and trust your gut. She’ll love it because you picked it out.

sapphire engagement ring by eidelprecious

by eidel precious

*TIP: For her ring size, order one of these ring sizers and, in secret, measure a ring she likes to wear on her ring finger. Done! You’ll be able to order the perfect size.

engagement ring solitaire diamond

by capucinne

(Need more engagement ring ideas? See our post on 30+ Most Beautiful Engagement Rings.)

2. Get it insured

Once you buy the engagement ring, get it insured! This is one of the most overlooked engagement planning tips and yet rings are misplaced all the time. Can you imagine what would happen if it was lost or stolen? Instead, give yourself a little peace of mind by insuring the ring in case something happens to it. One great option for ring insurance is Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. They are the leading jewelry insurance specialists and have been protecting jewelry for over one hundred years. If you take care of getting it insured before you even propose, it will be one less worry on your mind! After all… this ring will be a symbol of one of the most special moments of your lives. And Jewelers MutualĀ® is the best at protecting your most precious treasures.


Find out more here.

customized wine glasses

3. The Proposal

The proposal doesn’t have to be overly expensive or over-the-top (unless that’s your preference, like this!) It’s about you as a couple — not a competition. Now, if you think she’d love something over-the-top, then go for it; but if she is someone who would love a sweet romantic walk and a proposal on bended knee or a private candlelit dinner proposal, do it. Don’t knock yourself out over the details of the proposal itself: instead, focus on how you will do it. What will you say? How will it play out in your mind? That’s the important part.

Here are some unique ideas we found:

Light up your space with these glowing window markers (by Star Scenes):


will you marry me window paint

by star scenes

Write a note that says, “Will you marry me?” and put it inside this locket (by In Idaho):

personalized locket inidaho

by in idaho

Pour her some wine in this surprise glass (by TCraftsx):

marry me wine glass by tcraftsx

by tcraftsx

Offer her a cup of coffee and add her usual cream and sugar, but leave this spoon inside (by The Silver Birdcage):

marry me spoon by thesilverbirdcage

by the silver birdcage

There are dozens more, and you’ll know her best. Trust your instincts!

4. Add a Personalized Element

Include a special engraved box, like any of these:

by red heart creations
by red heart creations
by red heart creations

by urban bride boutique
by bespoke laser
left – by urban bride boutique, right – by bespoke laser

5. Get it on camera

Hire a Photographer

Before the big day, have a photographer hide and snap photos of the proposal as it happens. This is such an amazing way to capture the proposal in action!

Want to see more surprise proposals? Catch our favorite surprise proposals caught on camera here!

Get it on Video

Have you heard of RingCam? It’s one of the most brilliant ideas we’ve seen in awhile, as it captures the moment from the point of view of the ring box itself. You can rent one here for your proposal. Capture the conversation, the tears, the first glance, the excitement, and the enthusiastic yes all on video! Check it out here.


via ringcam

Hope it helps!


This is a post in collaboration with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

Underwritten by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Neenah, WI. Coverage and pricing are subject to underwriting review and approval, and to policy terms and conditions.

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