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These Bachelorette Hair Ties Make Fun Party Favors

by Emma Arendoski

If your idea of bachelorette party favors includes things your bridesmaids can actually use (and won’t make them blush), you’ll love these bachelorette hair ties.

bachelorette hair ties for favors

These hair ties are custom-made for your bachelorette party and are affordably priced, too. Win-win!

Let’s take a look at some of the popular hair ties from Peach Poppy Co.

Bachelorette Hair Ties

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

These hair ties are available in nearly any theme you can imagine — and if it’s not, custom orders are welcome.

bachelorette hair ties

Planning a wine-themed bachelorette party? There’s bachelorette hair ties for that!

bachelorette hair ties

bachelorette hair ties

Party in Nashville? You’ve got it!

bachelorette hair ties

bachelorette hair ties

Planning a beach bachelorette party? Get these hair ties to hold back your hair while you relax in the sun!

bachelorette hair ties

bachelorette hair ties

Saddling up for a western themed bach bash? Get these “saddle up” bachelorette party hair ties for your guests.

bachelorette hair ties

Planning a fun flamingo themed party? Get these hair ties, which are perfectly themed with, “Let’s flamingle!”


bachelorette hair ties

Nautical bachelorette party? These hair ties make great favors.

bachelorette hair ties

In addition to bachelorette hair ties, these favors make great “be my bridesmaid” gifts.

bachelorette hair ties

Get your bachelorette hair ties here!

Ready to get in on the fun? These hair ties aren’t just fun to use, they’re also the type of ties that won’t leave a crease in your hair. They’re super comfortable on your wrist, too, so you always have a hair tie close-at-hand.

You can browse more bachelorette hair tie favors in the shop. There are so many beautiful designs from which to choose.

YOUR TURN: What is your bachelorette party theme? Which of these bachelorette hair ties is your favorite style? Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


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