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This Bacon Scented Candle Smells Like Breakfast On Sunday

by Emma Arendoski

There’s this new HANDMADE (yay!) bacon scented candle we just found out about and I’m about to order one up. But with Father’s Day coming up so quickly, there’s no time for me to try it and review it in time… so I’m telling you about it now so you can get a head-start, if you want one.

Apparently this candle smells like bacon grilling up on a weekend morning, and that sounds pretty delightful to me. This candle isn’t a hokey meat scented candle like others we’ve seen that just look like bacon; this is a truly, breakfast-in-the-morning kind of scent you’ll crave.

This candle is aimed at guys for Father’s Day gifts, but honestly, do you know anyone who WOULDN’T like a bacon scented candle? Me either.

I think bacon scented candles make a great Mother’s Day gift, too. The smell of cooking breakfast without having to actually cook it (and opt for cereal instead?) Sign me up! Ha! Just kidding.

But really, birthdays, just because, or whatev, this candle that smells like bacon is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Bacon Scented Candle

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

We’ve talked about JackpotCandles before (remember this?) so you may already have guessed there’s another gift INSIDE the bacon filled candle. Yup, if bacon wasn’t enough for you, this candle also comes with a PERSONALIZED dog tag necklace.

bacon scented candle

buy here

You can get it stamped to say anything you’d like! It makes a fun gift for Father’s Day and we like the way you can customize the tag to read a special message. And this bacon scented candle is a great option for birthday gifts, too.

If you’re looking for wedding gifts for couples who love to cook, this would also make a nice addition to a gift basket or present.

Want to buy one? Want to find out more about it? Sure thing: click here to shop!

Happy Planning!


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