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Wedding Veil That Covers Face? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

Finding the perfect wedding veil to accompany your dress is easy when you know exactly what kind of style you’re envisioning down the aisle. But figuring out what it is called, or where to buy it, can be an entirely different question. Bride-to-be Anna faced this question when she wrote us about veils that cover the face. Specifically, she wanted to know what a wedding veil that covers the face is called.

She writes,

“Hi Emmaline, I’m looking for a bridal veil that covers my face. I am planning a traditional wedding and would like the old-fashioned kind of wedding veil that covers the face until I get to the altar. Do brides still wear a veil over their face and what is it called? Thank you!”

Hi Anna! Great question. I’m familiar with the wedding veil covering the face trend because I wanted the very same thing for my wedding. Lucky for me, my mother had the most gorgeous veil for her wedding that also covered her face; I had the honor of borrowing it for my wedding and it looked beautiful.

A wedding veil that covers the face is called a blusher veil. A blusher veil is always a classic, traditional choice and will never go out of style. :)

Does a wedding veil have to cover your face?

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

A wedding veil does not have to cover your face. But if you use a blusher veil, it will. Some brides like the look of a blusher veil down the aisle until they reach the altar; then, the part of the veil covering your face is moved out of the way for the ceremony.

Wedding Veils That Cover the Face

Now that you know you need a blusher veil, here are some options for veils that cover the face to inspire your look. Blusher veils come in all shapes and sizes; all price ranges and veil lengths. You can get a wedding veil that covers the face in a cathedral length, or you can choose a fingertip length veil with a blusher built-in to it.

You can even get a birdcage veil and have it worn as a blusher, covering just a little bit of your face. In this section, we’ll share some of our favorite short length veils that cover the face, all by GildedShadows:

wedding veil that covers face

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Want more coverage? This longer birdcage wedding veil that covers the face is another great option. Also by GildedShadows.

wedding veil that covers face

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If you prefer more classic wedding veils that cover the face, here are more options (three veils shown below by Gilded Shadows).

wedding veil that covers face

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This two-tiered wedding veil features a blusher on top. Here’s an example of how the veil looks after the blusher is pulled from your face and placed back. This is similar to the style I wore for my wedding! I loved the volume.

wedding veil that covers face

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And this veil features mantilla lace on the edge and can be worn in front of the face. I love this style!

customized wine glasses

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These are just a few examples! You can shop any of these in the shop.

Next up: want to go with long veils? Let’s check out blusher wedding veils that cover the face in longer lengths and with unique accents.

Blusher Wedding Veils

If you’d like to wear a blusher veil with rhinestones, you’ve got it! This veil by Tessa Kim features illusion tulle and a blusher veil over your face. Choose any length from elbow length at 27 inches all the way to chapel length for a long walk down the aisle, measuring a whopping 90 inches! Three photos below by Deyla Huss Photography.


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This long length veil covers the face and has a blusher built-in. It is made with English net fabric and is attached to a bridal hair comb for a secure fit. Also by Tessa Kim.

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And last but not least, this drop circle veil features illusion tulle for a barely-there look. This wedding veil covers the face and can be made in any custom length. By Tessa Kim.

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And these next few blushers are available at David’s Bridal in a variety of lengths and styles.

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Where to Buy Wedding Veils That Cover Your Face

For more options, see these great resources:

Gilded Shadows

Tessa Kim

Browse here on Etsy

David’s Bridal

Thank you to Anna for writing! We hope this helps on your search for your dream wedding veil. :)

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Happy Planning!


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