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Why This Flower Girl Gift is Absolutely Perfect

by Emma Arendoski

As the bride, you’ll want to get your flower girl a thank you gift for being in your wedding. But the number one question most brides ask is, what should I get her? Since a flower girl is usually between four to eight years of age, you’ll want to consider something in her size: a pretty necklace (or earrings like these), a cute purse she can carry, a pair of shoes to wear at the wedding (and beyond), or a doll or toy you know she’s been wanting (have you ever seen a cuter teddy bear than this?!). These suggestions are always popular choices, but we’re adding a new one to the list! Find out why this flower girl handkerchief from Canyon Embroidery is becoming a huge gift-giving trend among brides…

Flower Girl Handkerchief

A flower girl handkerchief is a simple idea, but wait until you see how Canyon Embroidery takes it one step further:

flower girl handkerchief

by canyon embroidery

This beautiful custom-embroidered handkerchief includes the following sentiment:

Today you hold a basket of flowers.
One day it will be the bouquet.
Here is something old to carry,
On your wedding day.

You can also include her name, your names, and the wedding date, along with your choice of embroidery thread color. This makes a beautiful gift she’ll cherish for years to come and use as her “Something Old” on her own special day.

flower girl handkerchief up close

by canyon embroidery

Check out more Real Wedding examples and handkerchief samples by Canyon Embroidery over in their shop!

P.S. Need it right away? Good news: rush orders welcome!


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