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Be My Groomsman Scotch Glass

by Emma Arendoski

How do you ask groomsmen to be in your wedding? With a handsome groomsman scotch glass, of course! Handmade by FadedGardenias, this be my groomsman scotch glass proposal box is one of our favorite new finds. The style of vinyl on the glass has a fun vintage-y look and feel; you can customize the color of the vinyl to suit your wedding theme or his favorite color. The box, the filler, the glass — it’s all perfection. Get it here.

groomsman scotch glass

shop here

groomsman scotch glass

shop here

groomsman scotch glass

shop here

You can give these as a way to ask groomsmen to be a part of your wedding day or, if you’ve already asked, you can give them as a part of their groomsmen gifts. You can also pair the scotch glass with a bottle of his fave for a complete gift.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do! I wish these existed when I got married! :)

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Happy Planning!


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