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This Keys / Dog Leash Holder is Adorable: His, Hers, Paw Print :)

by Emma Arendoski

We’re sharing a sweet handmade wedding gift idea: a keys and dog leash holder! Take a look + subscribe to our newsletter for the latest handcrafted finds. :)

Have you ever seen a dog leash holder this cute?

dog leash holder

Me either!

I love the way Amanda and Nate of Otter Tail Greetings handcraft these beautiful His, Hers, and paw print dog leash holders (or His / His or Hers / Hers). This is a very sweet way to greet you when you arrive home from a long day, hang up your keys, trade ’em for a dog leash, and get walking!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

We could all use a little more outdoors time, amiright? :)

What we love about these, too, is they’re functional. Now you have a place to store your keys, your spouse’s keys, and your pup’s leash. I know some days I’m looking for keys or searching for Ruby’s leash and her harness, and something like this makes it a lot more organized.

Plus, it’s beautiful and adds to your home decor.

On top of it all, this dog leash holder makes a really great alternative wedding gift idea — something not on the registry (or, maybe it is, if you have one of these!) and is a really fun surprise gift for the bride who loves her pupper. She’ll love to get a gift like this at her bridal shower!

Dog Leash Holder

keys and dog leash holder

dog leash holder

Need more hooks? Custom designs? Other finishes? Just ask! You can buy your keys and dog leash holder here.


Happy Planning!

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