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Mens Golf Gifts? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, loves! Emma here. If you’re looking for mens golf gifts for someone who is an avid golfer, you’ve come to the right place. We received this email from simply “S” who wants to know what to give as groomsmen gifts for the guys who are serious golfers. She writes,

Dear Emmaline, I need help with ideas for golf related groomsmen gifts. Two of our groomsmen love to golf and we’re trying to buy mens gifts that tie into their hobbies. Any ideas? – S.

Great question! Picking out gifts for the groomsmen that are related to activities they like to do is a great idea. Money well spent, we say! For groomsmen /men’s golf gifts, we did a little digging and we have just the thing for you…

Mens Golf Gifts for Groomsmen

The best men’s golf gift we found for groomsmen is this metal golf ball marker and divot tool personalized with his name or initials. This is a handy tool for golfers because it cuts down on the amount of items a golfer needs to take with them when hitting the links. This golf divot tool is handmade in California by Wood U Like. Take a look!

mens golf gifts for groomsmen

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

As you can see, these make excellent groomsmen gifts and arrive in a beautiful box:

mens golf gifts for groomsmen

To find out more about how this golf marker tool works, check out the shop. You can buy your golf tools here.

Hope it helps!



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