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Where to Get Wine Glasses Engraved? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski
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Amanda wants to know where to get wine glasses engraved, and we’re here to help. We found a few suggestions to find the best wedding present. Read on + join the list for more updates to your inbox!

If you are wondering where you can buy engraved wine glasses, we have a few options to share today: a few places to get wine glasses engraved, tips on what to look for BEFORE you buy them, and where you are able to get wine glasses engraved near you.

This blog post was inspired by Amanda, who wrote to us about a wine glasses gift for her friend, Ashley. Ashley is getting married and Amanda wants to get her a set of glasses as a present — and wants to get the wine glasses engraved. She writes,

“Hi Emmaline Bride, My best friend Ashley is getting married in January. She and her fiance love wine so I think a pair of wine glasses would make a good gift. My problem is, do you know where I can get wine glasses engraved near me or online? And do you know what I should put on them? I haven’t purchased the wine glasses yet because I don’t know if places will engrave a set of “outside” wine glasses or if has to be from their own shop. Thanks for your help!”

Great question, Amanda! We’re happy to help. I’ve purchased engraved glassware for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays — so I know a thing or two about where to get a good set.

Where To Get Wine Glasses Engraved

Based on our research, almost every place that offers wine glasses engraved prefers you purchase the glasses directly from them. It is probably because of the familiarity of working with that type of glass style, width, weight, etc. However, we want to give you the best of both worlds, so here are two options.

1. Find a pair of wine glasses you love and get them engraved

If there’s a set of wine glasses you want to get engraved — try Things Remembered as one option. I’ve had engraving done there once and it turned out pretty good (it was on a pair of their champagne flutes, though).

This set of wine glasses has colored glass and I’ve seen them in person; they’re very nice! By JoyJolt.

via here

Or this style, from the same place:

via here

Also, if you want to shop locally, search in your area for laser engraving or custom gift shops.

Try small businesses first in local downtown areas. Some gift stores that sell glass product, i.e. wine glass gifts, champagne flutes, etc. may offer laser engraving on a set you bring in to them. Give them a call and bring your wine glasses with you so they can see if laser engraving or etching is possible.

Some places may do it — but I haven’t found many to recommend that seem to offer outside engraving services (sending in a pair of glasses and having them engraved and shipped back, not to mention all the worry of breaking the glasses in the process).

2. You can get wine glasses engraved at the same place you purchase the glasses.

You’re going to have the best luck finding a pair of wine glasses you love at the same place that does the engraving. While I do think some outside places will do engraving, the cost of getting it laser engraved on a set they don’t usually work on might not be worth it. However, you can always give it a try.

For instance, I found a pair of nice Vera Wang wine glasses at Macy’s here but you can’t get them engraved.

I found the same wine glasses at Happily Ever Etched Inc., an Etsy shop, that offers the wine glasses and engraving on them. They’re lovely! It really takes the guesswork out of buying the glasses and then finding a place to engrave them; you can get wine glasses engraved online and shipped to your door in one transaction.

They look like this:

via here

Beautiful, aren’t they?

That’s one option.

You can also start looking for styles of wine glasses that may suit your needs at shops that offer engraving with the gift. The one we mentioned earlier is an option (here) and we found a few other shops to show you a few different wine glass styles.

Anytime you are planning to buy wine glasses engraved, you’re going to look for a font style you like the best. Some engraving offers a handful of styles, while others offer one or two fonts. The photos are going to tell you everything you need to know — and the reviews from past customers are helpful, too.

Choose the type of engraving on your wine glasses that suits your friend and her future spouse’s personal taste, whether they’re more of a minimalist style, rustic, elegant with a script, traditional, etc.

Here are some engraved wine glasses for wedding gifts we found. Each set is a set of two engraved wine glasses.

1. Elegant Engraved Wine Glasses, $50

These are Lenox wine glasses — a very classic, traditional option — and the engraving on it is beautiful. You can get wine glasses engraved with Mr and Mrs and their last name, along with the wedding date underneath. By HappilyEverEtchedInc.

buy here

2. Balloon Style Wine Glasses, $39.95

This is a beautiful set of engraved wine glasses by HomeWetBar. I like this unique balloon style with a wider rim.

buy here

3. Classic Red Wine Wedding Glasses, $38

I love the way these have a metallic fill on the engraving. If I was to get wine glasses engraved for a friend, this is probably the set I would pick. By Happily Ever Etched.

buy here

4. Mr. and Mrs. Engraved Glasses, $27.90

This modern geometric style offers a font I really like! The wine glasses themselves look lovely, too. By MrandMrsAZ.

buy here

5. Long Stemmed White Wine Glasses, $19.95 each

This is a beautiful set! I like the monogramming on these engraved glasses. This is a perfect glass if they prefer white wine. The long stem makes it a very elegant option. By Home Wet Bar.

buy here

6. Floral Engraved Wine Glasses Set, $27.90+

This beautiful set of wine glasses has a lovely floral/leafy motif around the personalization. By MrandMrsAZ.

via here

They also offer a similar style I also adore here:

via here

7. Modern Style Engraved Wine Glass Set, $75+

And last but not least, these are the wine glasses we mentioned earlier in this post. This is a fan-favorite! The style of these wine glasses is amazing. By HappilyEverEtchedInc.

via here

And there you have it! I hope these ideas gave you a little inspiration for where to get wine glasses engraved, and also a few ideas on where to get wine glasses engraved near you.

I’m sure your friend will love any set of wine glasses you give as a gift: it is a very thoughtful and meaningful wedding gift.

TIP: If you want to add another gift with the wine glasses, these wine charms are worth a look!

Happy Planning!


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