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The 23 Best Fly Fishing Gifts For Him [GROOMSMEN]

by Emma Arendoski

If your groom, husband, father, brother, best friend, etc. is a fly fishing expert — or he was just born to fish and forced to work — he’ll love this: The Best Fly Fishing Gifts for Him. It was inspired when groom-to-be, Mike wrote to us about fly fishing gifts for groomsmen.

So I, being the fly fishing expert that I am (more like NOT), quickly got acquainted with the coolest fly fishing lingo, engraved boxes, river flasks, flies, and more.

Yup, we managed to create this list of pretty cool fly fishing gift ideas for him: personalized fishing lures, tackle boxes, flies, can coolers, pocket knives, cuff links — all of it. I hope you find something awesome here, Mike, and thanks for writing!

Fly Fishing Gifts for Him

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

I tried, I really did, to make this a list of the best fly fishing gifts under $50. But the I kept finding cooler things that were slightly over the mark and I said, oh well, let’s run with it.

Honestly, there are many gems in this list that range as low as $3.99 to higher, depending on how much you’re looking to spend on cool, one-of-a-kind (yup, everything here is HANDMADE!) fly fishing gifts for him.

I’m proud to say I tie a mean fly, not to brag or anything. ;) I learned how when I was all of about 7 years old and never forgot how to do it. The instructor said I was a natural, but I bet he says that to all the cool fly fishing gals.

But give me this little ounce of fishing brag.

I’ve fished many times with my father, although I usually get my line caught and it takes me most of the time untangling it, and back when I was very young I would cry about it, so it took me even longer to actually fish. ;)

As far as fly fishing goes, I’m still, um, getting used to the fishing part and as of today, I have caught… maybe three fish in my lifetime, and that is being generous.

But enough about me, this is about you finding the best fly fishing gifts for him — probably groomsmen, since this is a wedding blog, after all, and we’re here to help Mike (and everyone reading this post).

Whether you’re shooting the line or swatting at those darn damselflies — and probably not crying over your line getting caught on seaweed like I was — there is most definitely something worth seeing on this list.

I hope you enjoy it!

Fly Fishing Gifts for Him

customized wine glasses

1. Fly Fishing Glasses, Set of 2

Dannnng these are nice. After a long day of work — wishing you were fishing — come home to your favorite new glass. Sip on something refreshing in glasses that have a fly fishing motif on them, as you count down the days ’til you’re fishing again. By Vital.

fly fishing gifts for him

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And you know what, I can appreciate a varied style, so I’m also including these fly fishing rocks glasses in the mix. Maybe you’re more into one of the styles vs. the other, I don’t know. But here it is. By BlackLanternStudio.


fly fishing gifts for him

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2. Cool Leather Wearable Fly Fish Wallet

This fine leather wallet holds all your fly fishing lures. By CarpenterAdventures.

fly fishing gifts for him


fly fishing gifts for him

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3. Northern Pike on a Pint Glass

This beer glass is for alllll the fishing days to come. This is one of the most affordable and useful fly fishing gifts for him under $50. By the awesome folks of Brad Goodell Weddings.

buy here

And don’t forget the beer stein!

buy here

4. Engraved Fly Fishing Box

This handsome wood box features space to hold your fly storage and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Niiiice. By WinonaWoodCraft.

buy here

Also loving this river map fly fishing box. At first glance, I noticed the Pere Marquette River here in Michigan. You can get any river engraved here… but NOT THE PINE RIVER.

I’d rather drink decaf coffee than canoe on The Pine River, and you guys know how much I loathe decaf coffee (there is a time and a place for decaf: never, and in the garbage). #burn

My disdain with The Pine is due to a canoeing trip where I (yes, I’m woman enough to admit it was I who doomed our trip from the get-go) tipped us over.

We got soaked. We were caught in a current.

We lost our group. We got very far behind.

It was not so good.

We finally caught ourselves back up to speed, changed into new clothing, put the wet stuff back in the canoe, and paddled, and what happened? Oh, I TIPPED IT AGAIN. In 50 degree weather.

But whatever, get the Pine River on there if you insist. They’ll put any river you want on it. By StoneflyStudio.

buy here

buy here

And if you do visit the Pine River, and you find my lost bracelet floating down it, lemme know, k? It probably got fly fished out by now.

Oh, and while you’re here, they’ll also engrave your favorite fly fishing river on a flask! BUT NOT THE PINE.

buy here

Yeah, they’ll probably put The Pine on it.

5. Awesome Fish Socks


You know you want a pair. Heck, I want a pair and I’m not even good at fly fishing. By FishyFeetSocks.

buy here

6. Long Leather Fly Fishing Wrap Wallet

This is one of those cool rugged fly fishing gifts for him that will get even better with age. By MGBLeather.

buy here

7. Fly, You Fools Sticker

Dang, Gandalf really means business. This is probably — okay, definitely — the nerdiest of the fly fishing gifts on this list. Promise. By SketchyWildlifeStore.

buy here

8. Fly Fishing Hat

For the guy who likes to keep the sun out of his eyes, or cover-up that bald spot, while throwing out that casting arc. By PalousePrairie.

buy here

9. Fly Fishing Reel + Coaster Set

The fly fishing gifts that tell guests, hey, don’t muck up the table! ;) Also, I’m including three images here because I feel like a gift this unique deserves proper presentation. By AbramsStudio.

buy here

10. Cool Fly Fishing Moscow Mule Mugs

I know a thing or two about Moscow Mules. First, they taste amazing and they are one of my drinks of choice. Second, a Moscow Mule tastes 10x better when it is poured inside a mug with something cool on it, like say, this Rocky Mountain fish. I don’t make the rules, these are just facts. By MontanaArtSpot.

buy here

I don’t even fly fish and even I want a set of these. How cool is this shop? The answer is: very.

buy here

buy here

11. Personalized Fishing Knives

There are two things I know for sure about men:

1) They can never have too many pocket knives, and

2) There’s always room for another flashlight.

We just went camping and what did we walk out with at the store, along with groceries? Yup, a new flashlight. Well, it does have a cool lantern style, so I will admit, it rocks. But for the knife, we’ve got you covered with this beaut. By WithTheGrainWeddings.

buy here

And these! By LasersNStuff (they had me at ‘Lasers’).

buy here

And of course, these. I love the “lucky fishing knife” engraving. Smart idea! By SmokyTree.

buy here

12. Leather Suspenders for Groomsmen

Okay, maybe a bit of a stretch as fly fishing groomsmen gifts, but hear me out: groomsmen need suspenders, and so do fisherman. These leather suspenders will look all shiny and new on the wedding day — yes — but can be used afterward on a camping trip, then the canoeing trip where one of you will tip, then to your fly fishing trips forevermore.

Leather does get better with time. Are your groomsmen wearing suspenders at the wedding? Be a lot cooler if they did. I’ll leave it at that. Cool suspenders by POHVALIN.

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13. Fly Money Wallet

A nice leather wallet to store all that money you make when you’d rather be fishing!

But you’ll use it to buy new fly fishing gifts and rods and fancy new flies, so it’s a good thing. By OxandBirch.

buy here

14. Fly Fishing Gifts Cufflinks

Now these are cool cufflinks: if you have to get dressed up, you may as well add a pair of these fly fishing cufflinks to your cuffs. By TheHairyGoose, a name so fun you won’t forget it.

buy here

buy here

15. Wood Fly Fishing Case

The best fly fishing gifts for him list would not be complete without this beauty: a wood fly fishing case. There are a few styles available but these are a very popular item. By LegacyFlyFishing.

buy here

16. Can’t Work Today T-Shirt

This one made me laugh out loud, although I do love a good pun. “I can’t work today, my arm is in a cast”. By CrazyDogTshirts.

buy here

17. Fly Fishing Can Coolers

Plan a bachelor party and give these fly fishing gifts for guys who love to fish and drink beer. By TheBarefootBarnOwl.

buy here

18. The Best Colorado Flies

Okay, now these are pretty impressive flies, and as you know about me, I’m a mean fishing fly tier. But I’m no match for the handcrafted quality of these ties by the expert, Kevin, of ColoradoFlySupply. Any good list of fly fishing gifts HAS TO include flies! And these are pretty awesome.

You’ve got your assortment of flies…

buy here

… dry fly, trout steamer, bloody mary nymph fly, ASAP emerger, stonefly… ALL THE FLIES. See them here.

Here are a few of my fave flies:

buy here

All the names of the flies sound like a fun wine menu — but for fly fishers.

Might I recommend, “Sexy Betty’s Worm”…

buy here

Or “Cousin It”, a dry fly?

buy here

But really, these are quite magnificent fly fishing flies: get ’em here.

19. Fishing Rod Tie Bar

I’ve never met a tie bar / tie clip I didn’t love. I think all men should have a tie bar + keep that tie in place. It’s even better if the tie clip has a fun motif on it, like this fishing rod. This makes one of the best fly fishing gifts for him! By BellaMantra.

buy here

20. Personalized Fishing Box

This personalized fishing box is a must-have. Where are you gonna store your stuff?! It is customized with his name on the top if you like. By CGillyGoods.

buy here

22. Custom Cartoon Fishing Gift

This fun gift is a cartoon drawing made from your favorite photo. They even have an entire listing dedicated to angler gifts. By the appropriately named CartoonPortrait.

buy here

23. Fly Fishing Gift for Groom

Ok, technically any gift on this list is perfect for a fly fishing groom. But this one is especially perfect: a custom engraved fishing lure. Now, THIS is how you tell a guy who loves fishing exactly how much he means to you.

It says, “I love you more than you love fishing.” Cue the awwwwwws. :) By VintageStarEngraving.

buy here

And he might just reciprocate by wearing this t-shirt. It gets me every time! Ha! Look closely. By CrystalLakeDesignCo.

buy here

Alright, that about does it! Now you have your fly fishing gifts and it’s time to get out there and back cast. Or power stroke. I don’t know — just remember not to foul hook. I know that’s a biggie.

Where to Buy Fly Fishing Gifts

Want to buy a gift on this list? It’s easy to shop: just click on a link underneath an image to be redirected to the store’s listing.

If you have any questions at all — product-related because if it’s fly fishing related I’ll basically Google it for you — just leave it in the comments + we’ll help you out.

Or email info[at]emmalinebride[dot]com and our team will assist.


P.S. Wow, that was fun: care for some more? Read: This Fishing Gift List with More to Love + dive full-in with: 30 Fishing Themed Wedding Ideas You’ll REEL-y Love. Told you I loved puns.

P.S.S. Is this gift guide up to scale? Have something to add? Leave it in the comment box! Or your best fish pun. That’s always fun, too.

P.S. Planning your wedding? I wrote a book on it! Ok, I wrote two, but this is the most recent one. :)

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