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Should You Rent or Buy a Tuxedo?

by Emma Arendoski

Grooms, this one’s for you! Wondering whether you should rent or buy a tuxedo? You’ve come to the right place! Chances are, if you’ve ever been a groomsman or attended a formal wedding, you’ve purchased a tux or suit. Tuxedos aren’t the most fun to wear if they don’t fit properly or they are made of cheap materials, and finding one isn’t always easy (or affordable) either. Today we’re talking about whether you should rent or buy a tuxedo — it’s a big debate out there! Read on to find out more!

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Rent or Buy a Tuxedo?

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

The big debate of renting vs. buying a tuxedo (or suit) is one that many grooms struggle with. Should you cough up the money to buy a tuxedo when you could technically rent one for less? To be fair, renting a tuxedo isn’t always easy. Keeping groomsmen on a particular timeline to rent a tuxedo can be tricky. But not anymore… thanks to The Black Tux!

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The Black Tux

The Black Tux (TBT) knows the tuxedo rental business has stayed the same for many years, yet renting a tux continually comes with its own set of problems, especially when weddings are involved. They wanted to find a solution to the common gripes from groomsmen of wedding rentals, like suits or tuxedos having a weird, baggy fit; or outdated styles on display mannequins. TBT also realizes how expensive it can be to buy a high quality tuxedo or suit: many are upward of $1200 to purchase, and that’s even before you add in tailoring. But now, TBT has made renting a designer quality tuxedo so much easier and here’s how!

Rent a Tuxedo

When you rent a tuxedo from TBT, your suit or tuxedo is made of 100% Italian merino wool — the good stuff — for as little as $110. With high quality and low price, here’s the icing on top: you can rent your tuxedo completely online. That’s right: no more appointments or racing across town to get there before the doors close. As a bonus, your groomsmen don’t have to travel to the same location (or find a nearby chain) to get fitted.

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Rent a Tux Online

To rent from TBT, groomsmen only need to answer a few simple questions. You get fit for your suit or tuxedo entirely online! They offer suit and tuxedo rentals delivered directly to the groomsmen so they can make sure the fit, style, and look is exceptional for the big day.

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Many Sizes Available

customized wine glasses

You can choose from suits and tuxedos in slim and classic cuts to accommodate every body type and size.

Manage Everything Online

Now you can keep everything organized from your mobile device because brides and grooms can track groomsmen progress and manage wedding party suit rentals online. How convenient is that?!

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The Groom Might Even Rent for Free

As the groom, you might even get your tuxedo or suit rental for free. Find out more here.

rent or buy a tuxedo - photo via the black tux

Conclusion: Rent or buy a tuxedo?

In conclusion, I can see a clear answer; renting a tuxedo with The Black Tux is so much easier (and cheaper). Plus, it’s an easier option for groomsmen, too. I can imagine the rental process of a tuxedo or suit online is a big time-saver, and I’m always happy to have more efficiency. What do you think of this debate? Are you planning to rent or buy a tuxedo for your wedding?

I hope this article helps as you decide whether to buy or rent a tuxedo. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box below!


This is a sponsored post by The Black Tux.

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