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Where to Get Boho Wedding Invitations Online

by Emma Arendoski
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If you’re planning a boho-chic wedding, you probably know that invitations are one of the first things you should choose.

Although you don’t need to mail your invitations until 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding, it is extremely helpful to pick out your invites as soon as possible. The more on-theme, the better. This is because the right wedding invitation can help you select other things easily like color palette, style, decorations, and even convey the tone of your wedding to guests whether formal, laid-back casual, or somewhere in-between.

Buying wedding invitations online is the easiest place to do it. Years back, you could go to a stationery store in person and get a feel for the weight and quality of your invitation paper, choose colors, and even thumb through a giant book of invitation designs. That seems odd now, as I wouldn’t even know where to go locally. But with many of those brick-and-mortar stores transitioning to website sales, it’s easier than ever to shop boho wedding invitations online from the best in the industry.

When we were figuring out where to buy boho wedding invitations online in a style to suit bride-to-be Anna’s taste and unique aesthetic — she’s a fan of botanical florals, pampas grass, and eucalyptus — we found this unique collection of invites here. And in keeping with everything she wanted, we found many examples of invitations for boho chic weddings, along with designs for more of a minimalist style or a rustic celebration.

If I was planning my wedding today, boho chic would be one of my top picks: the colors, the natural dried florals (hello, pampas!) and macrame everything is totally my jam.

These invitations are just the beginning of our quest for boho decor. Following this blog post, we’re sharing even more boho chic wedding decor to inspire you, so don’t miss it. If you play your cards right, you may just find nearly everything you need for your boho themed wedding with us today, starting with these invitations. :) Enjoy!

Boho Wedding Invitations

Before we start, what are some things to look for when picking out your bohemian wedding invitations?

What makes boho wedding invitations, well, boho? You’ll be on the lookout for colors in neutrals and muted shades of oranges, browns, deep reds, greens, and taupe; think terracotta, burnt orange, taupe, burgundy, sage, and even pops of blush and navy.

Dried florals are very important here: you’ll find botanicals everywhere, but more of a grassy, whimsical, wildflower / dried bloom style.

Things like billy balls and pampas grass, palm spears and bunny tails are all perfectly fitting, particularly in print on things like invitations, programs, menus, and place cards.

Greenery is king: you can’t go wrong with lambs’ ear garland along the table, accented with muted cheesecloth, and hanging eucalyptus decorations on the walls or from the backs of chairs.

Let’s get to the invites!

Here are seven of the best bohemian chic invitations we found online that you can shop now. For more styles, browse this page.

1. Fall Floral

This invitation is perfect for fall in these colors, but you can easily change the palette to something more suitable to your season if needed. By Kate Ahn.

boho wedding invitations

by kate ahn

2. Gold Palms

These elegant gold palms are perfect for your boho wedding. By Melinda Denison.

boho wedding invitations

by melinda denison

3. Harvest

A fall palette with pops of burgundy and rich, warm gold. By Leah Bisch.

boho wedding invitations

by here

4. Dried Botanicals

This design is shown in taupe. By Honeybunch Studio.

boho wedding invitations

by honeybunch studio

5. Falling In Love

You can get boho wedding invitations online like this from designer Petra Kern with a stunning array of leaves, romantic blooms, and a pretty color palette.

boho wedding invitations

by petra kern

6. Eucalyptus

This combination of eucalyptus and gilded gold border makes elegant invitations for your wedding. By Lissabeth Anglin.

boho wedding invitations

by lissabeth anglin

7. Boho Arch

A round-up of the best boho wedding invitations would not be complete without a triangle-shaped arch and rich, fluffy pampas grass. By Cass Loh.

boho wedding invitations

by cash loh

8. Summer Love

These whimsical, free-spirited invitations are great for your boho-themed wedding! Designed by Wildfield Paper Co.

boho wedding invitations

by wildfield paper co.

What do you think of these boho invitations? Did you know there were so many boho themed invitations online in one central place? We hope it helps! And as a bonus, if you like any of these invites, there are coordinating pieces you can find here to coordinate, e.g. menus, place cards, programs, and so much more.

Hope it helps!


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