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How To: Lambs Ear Garland for Wedding Decor

by Emma Arendoski

Are you looking for where to buy lambs ear garland in bulk for your wedding decor? Or do you just want lambs ear greenery strands here and there to add texture and dimension to your tables and wedding arch? You’ve come to the right place! Lambs ear has a gorgeous and thick texture which is different than eucalyptus, its kid sister and partner-in-crime (they go together perfectly in garland). Lambs ear also offers these thick, soft, oh-so-touchable leaves that you can’t help but adore.

lambs ear garland for wedding

by englishivylaneshop

Real lambs ear garland (and no, it has nothing to do with a real lamb or a real ear, ha!) is hard to come by as it is seasonal, and pricey, but faux lambs ear garland with lights, with berries, or with flowers — even solo, I say! — is the way to go when you’re looking to buy lambs ear garland in bulk and to use for decorating weddings, mantles, etc.

Last summer, I was browsing my garden and, lo-and-behold, I stumbled upon real lamb’s ear. Tons of it. It is sooo soft and I just love the way it feels, like a soft fluffy lamb’s ear (where it got its moniker).

But if growing your own lamb’s ear and turning it into a garland or buying lambs ear in bulk and trying to keep it fresh isn’t on your to-do list this spring and summer, I understand. So let’s do the next best thing: we’ll decorate your wedding with lambs ear garland in bulk from the best resources out there.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

The last thing I want to do is send you out there using lambs ear garland for wedding decor that is not 100% up to standards. :)

Lambs Ear Garland in Bulk

One of the best places to buy lambs ear garland in bulk according to reviews from real couples and people who love decorating is EnglishIvyLaneShop. This first set of faux eucalyptus and lambs ear garland is one of the best-selling we’ve seen, and honestly, I want to put it all over my house. How many strands of faux lambs ear in bulk can I get, and will Andrew mind if I put it all over the freaking place? ;) Greenery on all the things!

This garland looks exceptional and is paired with faux eucalyptus to give it a greater thickness.

lambs ear garland for wedding

lambs ear garland for wedding

by english ivy lane shop, buy here

If you’re looking for where to buy lambs ear garland in bulk by itself, single strands of it can be purchased at WildRidgeDesign, also known for their incredible wreaths.

lambs ear garland for wedding

by wild ridge design, buy here

Looking for lambs ear garland with flowers? Look no further than these gorgeous strands by Flaural. These pink blooms really add a beautiful texture and soft pop of color when paired with the greenery.

lambs ear garland for wedding

buy here

customized wine glasses

It’s not just about pink flowers, either! You can get lambs ear with flowers in a variety of colors to match your wedding theme and color palette. Check out this example in burgundy, followed by dusty blue, and then sunflowers for your sunflower themed wedding (all by the talented Flaural:

lambs ear garland in bulk

buy here

lambs ear garland in bulk

buy here

And we are admiring the nice thickness of this lambs ear garland, paired with eucalyptus, that looks incredibly real (but it’s faux!) By BrooksSouthernCharm.


lambs ear garland in bulk

buy here

Now that you know where to buy lambs ear garland in bulk, how will you use it at your wedding? Great question: here are the places you’ll want to use lambs ear garland for wedding decor. You don’t have to go overboard and use it on EVERYTHING, but these are the main focal points where greenery is used.

Table Runners

You can decorate your reception tables with lambs ear garland atop a long farmhouse table by itself and really show off that rustic wood… or you place it on a gauze table runner for a pop of color. Either way, this combination of eucalyptus and lambs ear garland makes a stunning combination.

Mantle Decoration

If your reception has a mantle, add a strand of garland to it. Mantles are a great place to create a photo display, too, and photo frames with backs that prop up on their own are easy to use.

Head Table

When couples are planning to decorate with garland, they often think of the reception tables first and forget about the head table or sweetheart table. When you are buying greenery in bulk or, more specifically, lambs ear garland in bulk, be sure to include your head table or sweetheart table as a part of the decoration order. You can have the garland decorate the end of the table closer to guests so you’ll have enough space for your place settings.

Wedding Arch or Arbor

You can decorate your wedding arch with greenery. Choose lambs ear or eucalyptus by itself, or coordinate your colors by decorating with lambs ear greenery with flowers in your favorite shades.

If you prefer, choose lambs ear swag like this, which acts as a perfect decorating piece at the top of your wedding arch or arbor. This is handmade by LycheeWreathBoutique and looks great at home, too, after the wedding. :)

buy here

Entrance Doors

The entry doors are often overlooked but are an easy way to add instant decor with the use of wreaths. These faux lambs ear greenery wreaths are beautifully-made by WildRidgeDesign and we adore them for weddings.

buy here

Flower Girl Hoop

A popular trend for the flower girl is carrying a hoop instead of a basket. This is especially great if you have a flower girl who doesn’t want to toss petals, or your venue doesn’t allow petals to be thrown. In this way, your flower girl can just carry a hoop down the aisle and place it on a table or set it aside. You can get the prettiest lambs ear hoops here — they’re incredible.

Aisle Decor

Long strands of greenery on the sides of your aisle, paired with candles on pillars or inside lanterns sounds like a dream to me! You can browse these lanterns, best suited for weddings, and buy lambs ear in bulk here in many sizes to suit your needs.

If necessary — for any of these decorating styles — buy long strands of lambs ear greenery and attach the ends together with clear zip ties and trim access of the ties to achieve the length you want.

Where to Buy Real Lambs Ear in Bulk

Not feelin’ the faux vibe? Want to get REAL lambs ear in bulk? You can buy bunches of lambs ear greenery in bulk here from Blooms By The Box. They offer all kinds of styles and even explain how to care for your real greenery here. They’re incredible! If you want flowers, too, just check out their selection.

buy here

You can even use their materials and see our fun DIY on how to make a greenery runner for inspo.

Where to Buy Lambs Ear Bulk

Here are the best places to shop lambs ear garland for your wedding, in no particular order:

English Ivy Lane Shop

Wild Ridge Design

Brooks Southern Charm

Fox Tail and Mint

Blessings and Boxwood


Blooms By The Box

And there you have it, loves: where to buy lambs ear greenery in bulk for wedding decor. And to top it off, we also shared some amazing ideas on how to use lambs ear garland at your wedding in a variety of ways.

Speaking of, do you like the lambs ear garland with flowers, without, or with eucalyptus best? I need to know for, ya know, covering my home in ALL OF THE GARLAND. Ha! Just kidding. But a little here and there never hurts! :)

If you have questions on lambs ear garland or greenery, I’m your girl! Ask me in the comment box below + I’ll swoop in to help.

Happy Planning!




Nicole June 23, 2021 - 8:27 am

Our shop thanks you for your shout out!
We agree that one of the best places to buy lambs ear and eucalyptus garland in bulk according to reviews from real couples and people who love decorating is our Etsy store EnglishIvyLaneShop. Our faux eucalyptus and lambs ear garland is originally created and sets the bar! We have 6+ years perfecting our style and working with many more looks to come. We boast original photos and styles in our shop, always creating new ideas for brides and occasions. We collaborate with many large businesses and events and know we help ease the decorating stress for brides everywhere.

April Brooks May 20, 2021 - 7:54 pm

Thank you for referencing my Etsy shop! I’ve sold over 100 of these garlands this wedding season. Plus I just signed a contract with Darling Fanbox to add my garland as an add in to their subscription box. On 5/24/21 a photo shoot will take place, staring my garland, for a magazine. And the best part, discovery channel picked up Chip & Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper( HGTV) and will showcase my eucalyptus & lambs ear garland at their dinner party that will be recorded some time this summer. So excited, and blessed to see my small owned business on your page! Thank you so much Emmalinebride & keep up the good work!
Xoxo, April Brooks @ Brooks Southern Charm


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