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21 Best Bridal Shower Candle Favors on Etsy

by Emma Arendoski

What are the best bridal shower favors? That’s easy: something guests can use. If you choose good bridal shower favors that are functional and don’t expire (as edible favors do), your budget will go a long way.

bridal shower candle favors in bulk

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Guests will be able to use the item for years to come, or at least store it away until they need it.

Case in point: candles. They are easily one of the best bridal shower favors you can give. I have yet to meet someone who would turn down a candle (“No thanks, I already have enough candles” said no one ever).

And really, can you ever have too many candles? I don’t think so.

The fun of giving a candle as a party favor is amplified when you can put a custom spin on it: add custom labels, quotes, put the candles in cute jars, make them unique, and, my favorite, choose the scents that are added to the hand-poured candles for the ultimate in personalization.

If you’re thinking about giving good bridal shower favors, make sure candles are on your list.

In this article, we’ll answer what you need to know: how much should bridal favors cost? Where can you buy bridal shower candle favors in bulk?

Plus, we’ll share the best Etsy bridal shower candle favors from one of our favorite shops: SuzeesCandleFavors. Her candles are handcrafted, vegan-free, cruelty-free, and, in a word, amazing!

My personal favorite? These barn wedding candles!

bridal shower candle favors in bulk

Let’s get started!

Where To Buy Bridal Shower Candle Favors in Bulk

First, let’s talk price.

If the sky is the limit on your wedding shower budget, then it doesn’t matter how affordable or how expensive a party favor is… you simply want to buy the most popular favor you can.

But if you’re staying on budget, you’re going to want to buy candle favors in bulk for bridal showers and weddings.

When you buy in bulk here, you’ll get a quantity discount, which saves a ton of money. And instead of making your own candle favors, which sounds like a chaotic experiment to me, who knows nothing about making DIY hand-poured candles, you’ll save money (and time, stress, energy, etc.) by getting them from a professional.

Susie is a pro at candle-making and you can tell how passionate she is about her craft by simply glancing at her shop.

She has perfected the art of the perfect candle from wax to scent, label to jar, font, colors, sayings… it’s everything you’re hoping for in a party favor.

It’s one thing to look good, but how does the candle itself hold up? According to her (rave!) reviews, these candles are consistently rated high with five-star ratings across the board.

Customers review the candles with things like:

Pleasing scent, “smelled awesome”

Beautiful presentation

Excellent customer service (Susie rocks!)

Highly recommended

You get the idea.

Candle Favors in Bulk

We love how you can get awesome pricing on larger quantities, i.e. ordering candles in bulk.

You can use these coupon codes to get 10, 15, or 20 percent off your order (depending on the quantities ordered below):

**On orders of 24 – 47 (FOR THESE AMOUNTS ONLY) please use this 10% off coupon: FAVOR10
**On orders 48-95 – 4oz (FOR THESE AMOUNTS ONLY) please use the 15% off coupon code: FAVOR15
**On orders 96 4oz+ (FOR THESE AMOUNTS ONLY) please use the 20% off coupon code: FAVOR20

These are candle favors homemade from scratch using the most natural ingredients available. Plus, the wax is made from pure soy bean wax so it burns clean and does not smoke. The wax itself has natural botanical ingredients, vegetable, and fruit wax, pure essential oils, and use organic cotton wicks.

To top it off, everything is packaged with love and care.

Now that you know how amazing these candles are, it’s time to check ’em out! Here are some of our favorite candle labels, jars, and sayings to inspire your own selection.

Falling In Love

The ultimate wedding favors for fall!

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Navy and Gold

Your color palette looks lovely on the label of these jars!

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Tiffany’s Inspired

Perfect for your tiffany themed bridal shower!

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Pink Floral

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Planning a winter bridal shower? These candles are the perfect party favors.

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Flannel and Fizz

Perfect for this theme and also cabin bachelorettes!

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Brunch & Bubbly

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Fall Floral

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The ultimate favor for a Friends themed bachelorette or shower!

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Thank You

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Blue Floral Candles

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Mountain Bridal Shower Candles

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Let Love Grow

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If you’d like, these pair beautifully with candle box matches for the shower or at your wedding reception.

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Tell us: which design is perfect for your celebration? Comment below! We’d love to hear all about the wedding or bridal shower you have coming up!

Happy Planning!


SuzeesCandles is a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride.

This post contains affiliate links and we may make a commission on a sale at no additional cost to you.

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