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10 Groomsmen Proposal Cards That Aren’t Super Lame

by Emma Arendoski

Sending groomsmen proposal cards? Wait — don’t send anything until you see the best proposal cards 2021 has for groomsmen! Read on to see them, featured below, and join the fun newsletter for more to your inbox!

At some point while planning your big day, you’ll need to ask groomsmen to be in your wedding. This can be accomplished by asking in a variety of ways, even with a good old-fashioned phone call. ;) And while texting is sooooo much easier, we still think it’s a good idea to really ask, with real words, in person, or by sending groomsmen proposal cards in the mail with or without a gift.

We think sending funny proposal cards for bridesmaids and groomsmen is a creative way to ask, and that’s why we’re making this round up today.

Before you get all no-I-cant-imagine-sending-a-card-that-sounds-super-lame, we hear you. Since the words groomsmen proposal don’t usually sound like something required while planning your wedding, it’s sort of a thing now and it’s best to just go with it. :) According to etiquette, sending a card or gift, or asking in person, is 1000x better than texting the question, and we think it’s a good thing to do.

And in order to prevent you from feeling super weird about sending groomsmen proposal cards to your crew, we’ve found fun, light-hearted and witty groomsmen proposal cards that aren’t lame. Pair these with a fun gift like this and you’ll be all set to roll.

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Let’s get to the list!

Groomsmen Proposal Cards

What is a groomsmen proposal card?

A proposal card is one asking a groomsman to be a part of your wedding. This is usually given to the groomsman with a proposal gift, if you’d like, or on its own. Most of the time, groomsmen proposal cards are funny and witty, rather than tear-jerkers like the bridesmaid proposal cards, but we managed to find a healthy mix of both for this list. :)

When it doubt, keep it simple! Here are some of our favorite groomsmen proposal cards 2021 is sending around to wedding parties, small and large. Enjoy!

1. Your Service as a Groomsman Is Requested

Honestly, this is one of my favorite groomsmen proposal cards since 2010. It’s also a best-seller in their shop, along with their bridesmaid proposal cards. By HmacdoPaperCo. This is the only card in the list that isn’t on the funny side, and we love it for its traditional yet modern flair.

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2. Dammit, Sarah

Or Jessica, or Karen, or Stephanie — whomever. Get these funny cards to give as groomsmen proposals. By PoppyPaperDesigns.

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3. Let’s Be Blunt

The ORIGINAL card! It’s only available at Tagooey and is making its rounds as one of the best groomsmen proposal cards 2021 has to offer.

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4. Future Wife Is Making Me Do This

A funny card that is great for sending to groomsmen. By TheStationeryGarden.

customized wine glasses

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5. Scratch to Reveal

Who doesn’t love a little scratch off game? The prize is always the same on these groomsmen proposal cards: they’re gonna be a groomsman! :) By XOXOKristen.

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6. No One

This groomsman card makes me laugh! By Tagooey.


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7. Free Beer

Yup! And a wedding on the side. ;) This card will get their attention! By PetalPaperCo.

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8. You’re Going to Be A Groomsman

These groomsmen proposal cards get right to the point… as if they had a choice anyway! :) By TheIvoryShoppe.

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9. Yes, Open Bar

Now these are to-the-point groomsmen proposal cards that we love! By AcetiDesignCo.

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10. Brother From Another Mother

Love this one. By InvitesByThisAndThat.

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See? That wasn’t so tough. Which card is your favorite?

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